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The art of seducing men


Shoes should emphasize the foot, and not disfigure it.
5 points - high-heeled sandals with a rounded toe, various clogs. Popular "boats" are convenient, but do not cause much interest.

I do not like: Long narrow sock, massive shoes. Unambiguous "no" - shoes on a large platform.


I like both short and long. Classic long smooth hairdos by men are recognized as boring. The most interesting are intriguing hairstyles: half-long, slightly opening the neck; Long, hair pulled up; Curl at the temple. The colors are natural.


The more natural, the more attractive. But, as it turned out, with makeup is better than without it. The main secret: a man should think that a woman is not made up.

I do not like: Too bright makeup, unnatural shades. At many men fashionable "damp" lips are a little associated with fat. The dislike of the lips is black, blue, violet and other "dead" shades. Strangely enough, but bright red lips look attractive only in pictures and movies.


A good perfume is 50% successful for men. Yes, all of them (men) react to the smell and even react!
With the choice of a suitable flavor, everything is very individual. Conditions two: the perfume should reflect your character and not be excessively strong and sharp. Remember: on each person the aroma manifests itself in different ways.

How to find your fragrance?

Of course, he should like you. But, the most amazing property of a fragrance that suits you is that after 5 minutes you do not feel the smell. Therefore, do not overdo it.


The chains with small pendants on the neck, elegant bracelets emphasizing the thin wrists look seductive.
Annoy large earrings, massive jewelry. Most men are negative about piercing.


A real magnet for a man's look is a woman's smile. Be open, enjoy life and smile.
No one is attracted to beautiful faces, but lifeless, aggressive, indifferent.
And if you liked a man, seduce him, give him a sign - smile!

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