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The difference in age is the difference in the relationship

Nature pawned a woman much more than inMan, and this is not surprising, because it depends on the woman to a greater extent depends on the survival of the genus. A woman raises children, cares about her husband, provides a cozy home. Not surprisingly, both the maturation and the formation of personality in girls occurs earlier than the "strong half of humanity".

The problems of mutual understanding and understanding betweenMan and woman, with a significant age difference, begin, unfortunately, not at the level of the physiological, but at the level of human representations and conventions.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that the beloved son startedTo meet a girl who is older than him for several years, she is smarter, more experienced and with her you will have less chance to get an unexpected replenishment in the family. But, remember, how did you look at her disapprovingly? Are you sure that she is hunting for a "young fool", someone told you that? No, but then why all these moralizations and scandals? Where is the guarantee that he will be happy with a contemporary?

Even more intolerant of the couple, where a womanIs younger than men. Righteous anger of public consciousness will catch her in the hunt for inheritance, and him - in pursuit of a young body. Again, a load of prejudice will distort the real state of things. Young girls are sometimes afraid to start a relationship with their peers - they are too carefree, frivolous and inexperienced in everyday matters. A man older can insure against many mistakes, he is confident in himself and is not inclined to shift the burden of responsibility on the companion.

In matters of gender relations, the main significanceAlways has, then, how partners relate to each other, how much they are able to share with his loved one his experiences, his interests and point of view. Age frames here are not critical. Yes, if the difference in age exceeds 20 or 30 years, it is not entirely clear from the point of view of the formation of the family and the birth of children, but on the other hand, if she is 50, and he is 69 and the difference is almost 20 years, what prevents them from being Together? Children are well-bred, life has been lived with dignity, but no luck - one of the spouses died, and what is it like to live alone, focusing on "public opinion"?

Society is often inclined to condemn the actions of othersPeople only because they are knocked out of the common row, they break the habitual, established course of things. Only then is it completely forgotten that every person is a person with his own ideas, values ​​and his own way in this life. Parents who condemn the friend of the son because she is older than him for 5 years do not think about his feelings, about the fact that it is possible that this is a chance that will not fall out any more and are ready, sometimes to destroy everything, only because " People will think ... "

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