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Why does a man change

And sprinkled with excuses. The most common - they say, it was "drunk", did not understand what he was doing. The husband of my friend once said at the festive table (my wife fumbled in the kitchen): "In this case, which only does not happen." Alcoholic betrayal - the myth is really quite common. Only then they invented it, most likely, the men themselves. After all, they drink, rather, for courage, and not vice versa ...

My own spouse put forward an even simplerArgument: "So in fact it was only once." That is, if once, then, and not treason at all. And one handsome man convinced his other half that to sleep with "other people's aunts" - his professional duty. He, as a successful businessman, is entitled to this by status.

You can still list all possibleExcuses and excuses, but you can definitely say one thing: it's completely pointless to find out the reason for the betrayal of a man. After all, he sincerely thinks that you need not the truth, but an occasion to arrange a scene and assurances that this will never happen again. And honestly all this provides.

Because he's a man

To at least somehow figure out what our loved ones are pushing for "crime," it's better to turn to the knowledge of psychologists and physiologists. And they have accumulated a lot in the last century.

And the first reason that you will be called soundsIn a simple way: because he is a man. And love has nothing to do with it. Your partner can have the most tender feelings for you, adore your children, carry your mother in your arms, and from time to time "walk to the left."

And all natural faults are to blame for manHormones that do not give rest to the "exhausted heart". Sometimes a fleeting glimpse of a certain sex diva is enough, and the mechanism worked out by the millennium to push the male boy to spray his offspring, wherever, and most importantly, much, will not leave his fidelity and trace. And all we can do is forgive or revenge ...

Dangerous places

There are even risk areas, that is, places where fidelityA man is subjected to special tests. In this sense, resorts remain the record holder. It seems that a strong sex under the southern sun comes temporary amnesia. They completely forget about their wives and children. And the situation is: the half-naked beauties on the beach seem so accessible.

And here not only hormones play their black role. It is also an intoxicating sense of freedom. After all, a man, even in marriage, tries to carefully guard his independence (at least in some matters) from the encroachments of wives. By the way, one of the reasons for treason can be your desire to remake the partner in your own way. Such a craving for a beautiful series, no husband will approve. And then, he liked you as he is, before.

And at the resort and on a business trip, even at the veryShort term, a man gets what he always dreamed of. You do not have to lie, justify yourself, watch out for the time and lipstick on your shirt. Here it is, happiness!

No less dangerous are the so-called "stag parties". Especially if they are held on any significant occasion - someone's marriage, for example. By the way, if your lover acts as the groom, the risk from this does not diminish. Another myth is to think that ladies tend to ritualize reality. The boys are also passionate about this, believe me! And so they will try to spend farewell with their bachelor life at the highest level, that is, with the girls.

Clinical cases

Resorts, business trips, stag parties - all thisTrifles, so to speak, the matter of everyday life. There are "male zigzags" and more serious. I have a friend who managed to get married twice ... bisexual. Where she found them in such numbers, it is difficult to say. But the most striking thing is that both times the girl, as they say, had neither a dream nor a spirit about the exotic orientation of her beloved.

Although psychologists claim that highlight theseInventors can. They are, as a rule, inexhaustible for sexual experiments, and the will to new feats they do not disappear even after a very significant period of marriage. If the partner is tired, they quickly find entertainment "on the side" and often not with a woman. The logic is simple - it's hard to regard sex with a man as treason ...

Yet the worst case is permanentComparison with the mother. Not so few men until old age are hung up in diapers and their main goal is to find not a faithful friend, but a caring mother. Until such a woman is found, they will not rest. And, therefore, will try new and new candidates. Even if the position is already taken.


However, sometimes we ourselves provoke the infidelity of our half. The hero of the play "Hasten to do good" says to his sister-in-law: "Live with your husband for 15 years, and then we'll see ...".

Indeed, over the long years of married lifeFeelings subside, the sexual menu becomes monotonous, and women often cease to attach importance to their own kind. But the man continues to desire sharp sensations, even on holidays, and his masculine essence can not explain that peace is happiness. So he begins to look around.

In this case, it's better to get stuck, lead yourselfIn order, buy erotic lingerie and shake the old days. But it's also important not to overdo it. After all, your faithful can (still good) decide that you have found a replacement for him. And then he will definitely start all the hard.

By the way, according to psychologists, uncertaintyIn its own power - this is almost the most common cause of betrayal. Therefore, at least once a week remind your friend that he is the only one who can give you unearthly pleasure, even if it is not so ...

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