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Office romance: the more he threatens you?

If you personally have already experienced several service romances without any losses - you yourself are not a devil: Now you can safely get a job inSpecial services. Or in the circus. A variety of knowledge and skills obtained during the novel with a colleague, will be useful to you, both there and there. But if you are only thinking about whether to encourage the advance of the same Lesha (or Sergei), read this article very carefully. Perhaps, having comprehended the idea of ​​what you are facing this novel, you will prefer to find time to find a suitable candidate elsewhere. And this, in general, is the optimal solution.

Let's say that you are not embarrassed even by the fact that you will not have time to get rid of each other. This is good only at the first time: When the first burst of emotion takes place and youStop furtively kissing in the corners during or after the end of the working day, such round-the-clock affinity often begins to irritate. But you are firmly sure that it will not concern you - let it. All the same except you there are other people - your common colleagues. So they will do their best to make your life together as bright and rich as possible. Only it is saturated it will not be what you would like ...

We will notice at once - business here not in morals. It's only in the blessed Soviet pastThe issues of the employees' personal life were discussed at the general meeting. It got to both unfaithful spouses and bachelors: a Soviet worker, as you know, is asexual, is called a "comrade" and seeks not to personal happiness, but to the speedy construction of a brighter future. And if he did create a "cell of society" with someone, his sacred duty is to make a golden wedding with this "someone". And even a diamond - if health will allow.

In our time on planerki and volatki such issues can not stand - and thank God. But put up for discussion in dining rooms, smoking rooms and even cabinets. In short, here's your first bonus: your relationship will still be made public, no matter how many of you are secret agents. Someone somewhere will hear or see something(Of course, quite by accident!) And will tell the secret only to the closest acquaintances. In a few days your business romance will be discussed not only by colleagues, but also by neighbors in the building (if any).

To this situation, one of the laws of Murphy is quite applicable: the more seriously you are "encrypted", the smashing will be a failure. As they say, if they are hiding something, then,Something is wrong here! And most of your well-wishers among colleagues will never take your care to their account: they sincerely believe that you would share such joy with them first of all, if not for external circumstances of force majeure. Therefore soon about these very circumstances there will be a whole mythology: for example, your families will appear in the form of such modern Montague and Capulets. The motive is always there: suppose your grandfather is a professor, and his grandfather in his youth was a tractor driver near Ryazan. Of course, all the relatives in the wild ecstasy of a possible misalliance and build such machinations that Dr. Evil nervously smokes on the sidelines.

If you have no relatives, rest assured, theyThink of something else. And these are only well-wishers! What will the detractors say, especially those who had views of him or you, can be imagined themselves. In any case, a little will not seem to anybody.

Now we smoothly go to the next item of the program. While you are doing well, you are in some measureInvulnerable; But there is a slightest disagreement, employees from the lively discussion go on to active participation. And do not fool yourself with vain hopes that you will manage to save face; Anyway, someone will cheerfully ask: "And what is this to you, Lesha does not go for a stapler that he does not need?" You also will not have a decent answer, but colleagues will appreciate the situation with lightning speed: well-wishers will begin to build smart plans Of your reunion, intruders, as they should, are evil-minded, and neutral citizens - to discuss, discuss, discuss ...

Suppose, with colleagues, you figured out: As a result of lucid explanations, they walk around the wall and are silent, at least in your presence. But in any case, you will get pleasure. Because the chief is jealous of you.

Not necessarily in the sense that you thought: just apart from hard work, you have other interests. And from now on the fact of your novel the bosses will becomeExplain and your mistakes, and, even more offensive, successes. Did not have time to finish the report? Of course, you do not care about work, you have another thing on your mind! Infected each other with flu and took a sick leave for a week? Just want to spend time together. Do you work conscientiously until late? Not otherwise, quarreled ...

In a word, before you decide to encourage Lesha (or Serezha) courtship, be prepared to think whether that person is a person with whom you can hand in hand all the circles of office hell?

But in the end, for the sake of love people go for everything. So if you really are a friend forFriend - all these unpleasant little things you, of course, will not stop. You with honor will overcome all difficult situations and then you can rightfully be told: advice and love!

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