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Secrets of kisses: trigger of good sex

Kisses calling

There is such an expression: "To kissing invocations." How to become a girl who wants to kiss? In the West they will say: "Have a good dentist," and in the East: "Always smell good." And we will all unite: "Watch for fresh breath, especially if you smoke." Many guys are skeptical that kissing a smoking girl is like kissing an ashtray.) To avoid such an association, brush your teeth after each meal and Smoked cigarettes, use mouthwashes and cleanse the tongue twice a day, it kills the bacteria, refreshes the breath, makes it pleasant for the smell of the partner, and, of course, you should smell good.) So, before you kiss, watch Body hygiene and podbe The perfume that, in conjunction with your smell, will cause a surge of desire from the beloved, and he will say: "Oh, how sexy you smell!" - and his lips themselves will be drawn to the kiss.

There are many ways to kiss. Kisses can be gentle, sweet, aggressive, playful, sensual, exciting, tantalizing.

Mocking - approach him, as if trying to dig into his lips and suddenly stop, start to kiss hot and suddenly stop. And so long as he does not go crazy with excitement.

Seducing - take a piece of ice in your mouth and pass it to each other in a kiss until it melts.

Exciting Kissing abilities are not limited to kissingOn the lips. You can kiss your eyes, ear lobes, neck, nipples, back and other erogenous zones. Touching and caressing the surface of the lips or the tip of the tongue of different parts of the body create mutual excitement.

Your lips should be relaxed. A girl with tight lips is like an excellent pupil, not a seducer. Moisten your lips with saliva before kissing, because you do not want to effect the effect of sandpaper. But do not let the drool out, from infancy you already left. To breathe through the nose, it must be clean, because during the kiss the mouth is busy. Otherwise, the kiss will be similar to artificial respiration. So relax, moisten your lips, breathe in and kiss him so tenderly that the desired feedback is created in his body.

Kama Sutra Kisses

Everyone knows about the Kama Sutra. It gives a detailed explanation of the kisses of their types and species. Kisses are different both in meaning and in performance. And there are a lot of them: simple kisses are called - Nimta, kisses with the use of language - Samana (French kiss), with fingers - Avakumnbana (higher aerobatics), kisses - Yudha.

A) Nimta.
1) Chaste - if one partner touches the compressed lips to the lips of the other.
2) Smooth - a tube of lips one gently sucks the lips of the other.
3) Passionate - if the partner sucks the lips of the other and clings his mouth tightly to his.
4) Exciting - if the partner during the kiss rubs his lips on the lips of the other.
5) Burning - when one long and passionately sucks the lips of the other, taking away and pressing his face, their breaths mix.
6) Fighting mouths - if the partner connects the half-open mouth with the mouth of the other half-open, suck each other, rub and bite each other.

B) Samana is more intimate.
1) Windmill - if the tongue of one of the lover is injected into the mouth of another and rotates there.
2) Exquisite - if the tongue is inserted into the mouth and there slides across the sky.
3) Tsar - if the tongue slides on the teeth and is inserted on the cheek.
4) Complaining - if the partner gently and shamefully sucks the lips of another and suddenly for a moment pushed his tongue into his mouth and immediately recoils, pretending that he himself was frightened.
5) Scalding - a kiss consisting in licking a penis.

C) Avakumnbana - kisses with the use of fingers.
1) Pleasure bud - if the lover grasps the partner both lips and so kisses.
2) Petal - if the partner pushes the lower lip of the other with his fingers, puts the tongue on the cheek.
3) Falling petals - if one spreads the fingers of the lips of another partner and kisses it in the teeth.
4) The partner presses the fingers of the other partner's lips and kisses his tongue.

D) Yudha.
1) First grab your partner's lower lip with your teeth.
2) With the help of the language, you can push your partner's tongue out of your mouth and grab your mouth yourself.
3) The first to suck the lips of your partner.

French Kiss

All without exception, men love to kissin French. This popularly known kiss is generally considered the most popular in the whole world. Many couples call it the magic that connects the souls of lovers. The French kiss implies the contact of languages. First go the usual kisses with your lips. If the guy answers you and opens his mouth, get into it, polish his tongue, touch the inner walls of his mouth. Drive your tongue over his teeth, play with his tongue. Start with light touches of the tip of the tongue, sometimes such a touch is a great pleasure. Play with the partner's language, quickly clicking on it with the tip of your tongue. You can rub your tongues, bite, rotate or suck the partner's tongue.

A French kiss is possible without touching the lips: It is necessary to bring the tips of the tongues closer and play them. When a French kiss is important to monitor salivation. Learn how to curb the flow of saliva, it is best to periodically swallow it, to prevent it from falling into the partner's mouth. Do not hang in the mouth of a loved one for long, like a spoiled computer, otherwise he will decide that you are a kiss hacker.

But no matter how much you like the French kiss, do not focus on it alone. Invent, fantasize, combine, master the art of kissing.

Like everything in the world, a kiss has long been the subject ofStudying by experts of various branches of knowledge. Danish experts managed to calculate that at the moment of a kiss from mouth to mouth 60 mg of liquid with various organic substances, as well as fats, salts and, in addition, about 20 thousand bacteria, 95% of them are harmless, are pumped into the mouth. In the saliva of each person contains enzymes and antibodies that can resist any infection. Also in the saliva is androsterone - a substance that stimulates sexual desire.

And studies of American scientists have shown thatThe kiss affects 29 muscles of the face and neck, thereby slowing the appearance of wrinkles. Who often kisses, he rarely suffers from diseases of the stomach and gall bladder. Kiss soothes the pain, because Stimulates the release of the hormone endorphin, protects against stress.

Often kissing - optimists and in life seekGreat success. But if this is not enough for you in favor of a kiss, let's add: scientists assure that those who kiss a lot live on average for 5 years longer! So, kiss on your health!

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