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Spontaneous sex - doping of any relationship

Is there a place for quiki in the intimate life of a faithful andLoving couple? Certainly yes, but on the condition that both partners are equally eager for it. This is a real sexual hunger, immediately satisfied with partners. Spontaneous sex can be a very exciting experience, reviving the acuity and brightness of the sensations of any relationship and confirming the mutual sexual attraction of partners.

It can happen anywhere and at the veryAn improper moment, since any schedule contradicts its very nature. However, there is another indispensable condition - this is the complete confidentiality of what is happening. You have to be absolutely alone, because no one - no law, no family, no neighbors - will not be condescending to you if you get their eyes on them.

Sudden passion rarely finds people in the bedroom,Most likely it can happen in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bathroom. Feelings can also flood in even less designated places - in the basement of an office building, on a park lawn or on a night beach.

Spontaneous sex is good because it can suddenlyTo return the excitement and unrestrained passion of the first days of your novel, when hormones literally raged in you and you both could hardly wait for the moment to be alone. Kwiki - this is a kind of dope, which can restore the former acuteness of your sensations.

The passion of passion

One of the most exciting ways kviki -Spontaneous sex on the table. Clothes are torn from both of you, the woman lies across the table face down. A man can enter it from behind, but be careful not to press it too hard in the heat of passion to the table top.

Sexual arousal can occur in a moment,When you least expect it. You planned to watch TV together after a tiring day. Warmly embracing, they set out to spend a quiet evening, but suddenly the mood changed dramatically and an electric charge ran between your bodies from close proximity to each other. The desire captures you. You feel that you can not reach the bedroom. Most of your clothes are taken off in a hurry. Now your comfortable sofa will have the best application - a woman can get on her knees to the partner sitting on it.

Another option is possible. A woman can comfortably sit on the back of the sofa, while a man gives her pleasure in the oral way. Cunnilingus will further increase mutual excitement, and you both will yield to waves of pleasure.

Spontaneous sex in a standing position

The most common, though not very convenientPosition for quiki, - standing, with support on a vertical surface. It involves a rapid and violent coition without preliminary caresses. However, this is a passionate and stimulating pose. When using it, the partner's back can rest on a tree or a wall. It is better if the partners have about the same height and weight. The main problem with sex in this way is that the penis can easily slip out of the vagina, and besides, deep penetration is impossible in this position. However, in this case it does not really matter, since the arousal of a man is so great that ejaculation will come quite quickly.

This position is often chosen very youngCouples who are just beginning their sex life. Perhaps this is because they do not have the opportunity to have sex at home and therefore their sexual contacts occur secretly. This can be a natural consequence of intensive petting. However, it should be noted that in such a situation, the introduction of a member is not necessary. A woman can close her legs around the penis, which will allow him to slide along her genitals, and both partners will get a quick release from the stress that makes them stiff.

No time

You do not have time to reach the bedroom, and,Pressing your back against the wall, you make love standing up. A man can penetrate deeper into the vagina, if he lifts his partner a little, and she grabs him with her foot.

Passion and Lust

Even if a person is completely satisfied with hisFamily life, in his soul often live a secret longing for the former passion. We lack the excitement that brings unpredictability of physical and emotional experiences. Nevertheless, a constant existence in a state of passion would be impossible, since sooner or later it would lead to complete moral and physical exhaustion. However, some lucky couples manage to keep elements of the old heat of feelings. If you can not sometimes experience moments of passion, lust and the magical attraction that first brought you together, it will be very difficult for you to avoid boredom and contentment, which over time can gradually destroy any marriage.

Thus, the turbulent and unbridled spontaneousSex has a psychotherapeutic effect on family life. If you are embraced by desire, approach it creatively. Surrender to the power of your lust and give vent to your imagination. Do not pay attention to either the time of the day or the place in the apartment where you ended up. Do not hold back your impulses, throwing you into each other's arms, and use any objects that fall under your arm, such as a bath, chairs or stairs, in the best possible way.

Love affair at work

There are situations when a full sexual intercourseIt is not possible, especially if you are at work. However, by chance meeting somewhere in the office, you may not be able to resist the desire to engage in a passionate petting behind a closed door. In such an experience there is something particularly exciting, because such behavior now completely contradicts your professional image.

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