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A single man, how to tame a lone wolf?

For some, "bachelorhood" is a state of mind. He is a lone wolf. It is on its own. My life, my living space, my plans, my freedom ... The list goes on forever.

If we talk about bachelors, they can be divided into several conditional categories:

1. Men who have never been married (And it does not depend on age), do not know what it isSuch, but certainly with foam at the mouth, claim that marriage is the most terrible thing that can happen in life. They persist in avoiding more or less serious relationships. Maybe the cause of disappointment is in the past?

2. Men who were once "ringed". In marriage somehow did not work out, and now theyAfraid of family relationships, like fire, venzabolevaniyam or impotence. Such an ex-husband remains convinced that marriage is not for him. Sometimes - until the end of life.

3. Male researchers, Which check if there is life after the wedding, by experience. They get married, get divorced, make conclusions. Get married, get divorced, make conclusions. And so to infinity on the same scheme ...

In our classification it is quite possible to add one more category - Sissy. Take all the most disgusting alreadyNamed (fear of relations, irresponsibility), we will apply to this Mum and we will get a man for whom it is scary not to marry in order to visit and it's terrible to visit.

Even bachelors can be divided into the following two groups: natural and ... non-degenerate.

The first are the so-called "bachelors fromNature ". They are really so self-sufficient that they do not need a couple. They can, strangely enough, marry, but still remain "free" in the soul and lead a lifestyle that corresponds to their needs: friends, beer, bath, sports, mistresses and light-hearted romance.

Other bachelors in life are just like that because ofIts self-sufficiency, when complexes and low self-esteem do not allow realization and, finding a companion, get out of that very state of loneliness. For them, it is no longer a source of desires, but a way of life.

However, it is impossible - and it is not necessary - to scratch all modern Adam's under one comb.

Anyway, regardless of the reasons for the world outlook, bachelors are hardened egoists, "lonely wolves" who value their freedom the most.

They "seek" the most perfect woman whoWould be their copy. The chosen one should love the same food, share his hobbies, think - and the way he does. Therefore, even if a bachelor decides to create a family, he can not accept any woman. Every time he thinks: "And with this woman I will spend my whole life ?!"

Loneliness is not scary to him. Silence in the house can be diluted with your favorite disks, breakfast - socializing with a TV, and sex ... There's nothing to say.

In general, an inveterate bachelor is cement from his own interests, principles, love of his own freedom and ... a headache of the entire female half of humanity.

How to tame this stubborn male?

Guide for bachelor hunters

The first rule of successful hunting for obstructive andVery shy target - caution. No sharp movements, like conversations on the topic of children, marriage, love, duties. Avoid unnecessary questions and, God forbid, interrogations. For example, finding out where and with whom he was. These are irritants that will scare away any game. The main thing is respect for sovereign independence and sovereignty.

The corollary of the previous paragraph. Keep absolute composure and your freedom. Or at least create visibility. Unobtrusiveness, independence, plus a bit of indifference will weaken the vigilance of the "victim" and stir up interest in you. Guided by the principle "I do not care where you were. And I, too, was not bad. " Try not to call first, let him think that the initiative is in his hands. In addition, the more we are indifferent, the more the man becomes angry (how can one remain indifferent in His presence ?!).

Do not wait, sitting at the telephone set of His call. The same time can be spent with greater benefit: to do a manicure, go to a fitness club, meet with friends and enjoy life.

When he calls, you can rejoice, happy to agree to a meeting. And to make sure that he did not forget this meeting for a long time.

By the way, do not forget: you must be an Ideal. To understand him from a half-word, to share all his hobbies and opinions (they do not interfere with learning in advance), in any situation remain well-groomed, attractive, interesting and always different. So as not to get bored.

This is very difficult, so think about whether this individual is worth such efforts. If all the same it is worth - we proceed further.

Become unchangeable. With any level of independence, all menEqually need clean socks and delicious food. At first, difficulties may arise - invasion of its space can cause a negative reaction. But is it difficult to do? After some time he will forget how he existed without you. Outside his comfort, for which the bachelor will forget the hateful freedom ... Enjoy, now it's yours!

By the way, you can learn how to tame and classics. Here, for example, "The Taming of the Shrew" with Celentano or "Love in the Afternoon" with the incomparable Audrey Hepburn. "Eugene Onegin", in the end! All these works prove that it is not difficult to tame a bachelor.

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