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Marriage horoscope for 2017 on the signs of the zodiac: Who in the new year is destined to play a wedding

The Year of the Fire Cock is considered veryFavorable for marriage. A serious and detailed symbol of 2017 appreciates traditions and customs. The rooster will become a reliable patron of the newly-made family, will ensure its prosperity and prosperity.

The most favorable months for marrying in 2017 are:
  • April,
  • July,
  • November,
  • December.
For the wedding, astrologers recommend choosing dates,In which there is a number 7. For example, 17.02.2017 or 07/07/2017. It is necessary to take into account the days of the lunar and solar eclipses. For these periods, there is no need to plan any important cases at all.

Wedding horoscope for 2017 for all signs of the zodiac


For Aries, the year of the Fire Cock as a whole is verysuccessful. The imprisoned marriage will be strong and happy. The Aries man will get a reliable rear, and the Aries woman will have a strong shoulder and support. But the decision to marry or get married should not be spontaneous. If the relationship has not yet been tested for strength, it is better to postpone the procedure to the registrar. Successful will be only that union, in which both partners are 100% sure of their choice.
Favorable period for the wedding of Aries: the second half of March, April, August and November.


In the first half of 2017, the TaurusA small chance to formally formalize relations with a partner. It will be connected with quarrels and frequent quarrels, most of which will be "out of nowhere". The end of spring is a turning point, when it becomes clear whether these relations will end or come to a new level.
Taurus is advised to schedule a wedding for the autumn, because in the summer there is likely a big work load, trips and deadlines are possible.


Twins are likely to legitimize theirRelations in 2017. Moreover, for representatives of this sign of the Zodiac comes a very favorable time. Harmony and full mutual understanding will reign in relations. It is recommended to plan the wedding ceremony in the first months of the year in order to have time to register at the most successful period. According to astrologers, it falls on the last two spring months and June. The second half of the year will be less stable in material terms, so it is better not to plan magnificent celebrations during this period.


Sami Raki will not be especially tuned to the officialRegistration of relations in the year of the Rooster. Nevertheless, the stars predict their marriage with a high probability. Even a short relationship can lead to marriage. And for the campaign in the registry office is favorable throughout the year 2017. Family life promises to be successful and prosperous. Probably a quick conception.

a lion

In 2017 Lviv has very few chances to joinmarriage. First of all, this applies to men who are not completely sure of their desire to legitimize relations with the chosen one. Women can receive the long-awaited offer of the hand and heart, but the triumph is best transferred to a more favorable period.
Lions, who still decide to play a wedding, it is recommended to schedule an event for the fall. The most suitable months are October and November.


Fiery Rooster is supportive of Virgo. Lonely representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, he promises to meet with a future spouse. Those who are in a long relationship, it is recommended to think about the wedding as soon as possible, so as not to miss a favorable period. For Dev the summer months and the beginning of autumn will be the most successful. The stars recommend not to skimp on the wedding ceremony, the symbol of 2017 is sure to appreciate it.


Many Libra will visit the idea of ​​a wedding, which is veryin a timely manner. The stars recommend not to hesitate with triumph, you can safely plan a chic ceremony. Family life will be easy, carefree and rich in positive emotions. Register Libra better to plan for April, September or summer months.


Partners of Scorpios should be ready to,That their electors will postpone their march to the registrar for a while. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are not at all tuned to official registration of relations in 2017. Those who still decide to hold the ceremony, the stars recommend to adhere to the classical traditions and style. The most favorable periods for marriage: July, late autumn and December.


2017 promises Sagittarius marriage. The totem of the year is favorable to this sign of the Zodiac, therefore the celebration can be celebrated on a grand scale. Astrologers recommend that Sagittarians go on a honeymoon, albeit not far. Even couples who did not plan to formally formalize relations in the next couple of years will think about the wedding. The best months for registering a marriage are August, September and October (first half).


Capricorns will not be up to marriage. In 2017, they have plenty of work for them and an opportunity to build a career. Practical representatives of this sign of the Zodiac will decide to postpone the wedding for the next year. Nevertheless, if the wedding is already planned, it should be done. A spouse will be a reliable support on the way to the heights of a career. Good time to register a marriage: all spring months and December.


Aquarians will also be concerned about their ownDevelopment and self-realization. The wedding simply does not fit into their plans. Only couples whose relationship lasts more than five years can come to this important decision. The rooster promises them family well-being and strengthening of emotional contact. Astrologers advise Aquarians to schedule a ceremony for the summer. It is recommended to limit oneself only to registration or to play a modest wedding in the environment of close people. Unfavorable periods: autumn months, May and December.


Emotional Pisces will be ready for wide gesturesAnd actions, but this does not apply to the offer of the hand and heart. 2017 is not the most favorable for them in terms of marriage. Great chance to make hasty conclusions about the chosen one. In order not to be deceived in one's expectations, it is better to postpone the official registration for a while. Especially it concerns "young" couples. Exceptions are long relationships, but the stars recommend to make a marriage contract for insurance. The wedding is scheduled for October or November.
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