/ Why is it important to live here and now?

Why it is important to live "here and now"

Zen-Buddhist monk Thich Nyat Han assures: "Life happens only at the present moment. If we lose this moment, we lose our life. " Psychologist Greg McKeon fully agrees with him. In his book "Essentialism" (from the Latin essentia - essence), he tells what it means to "be present in the present" and why it is so necessary.

"What's important now": Larry Gelwicks approach

Larry Gelwicks was the coach of the rugby teamHighland Highschool is thirty-five years old. During this time, his students won in 350 games, and lost only 9 times. What is the secret of such a dizzying success? Gelwix taught the players to live completely in the current moment and concentrate entirely on the most significant at this very second, and not on the upcoming game or the next training session.

It does not matter who passed the unsuccessful match orExperiences about what will happen in a week. In such thoughts, there is no use, and Larry always understood this perfectly. In addition, this approach forces players to think only about their own game, and not about the game of rivals. This contributes to the coordinated actions of team members and maximum concentration on their tactics.

Irrational Thoughts

How can all this be applied to our lives? Do you remember if you were trapped in grim memories? Day after day scrolling in my head unpleasant events from the past? Or maybe you are tormenting yourself, worrying about what else has to happen? For a long time you reflect on what you are unable to change, and do not try to concentrate on things that are under your control?

Most likely, you, like most people,Constantly mentally preparing for future business and meetings, although it would be best for you to stay in the present. We are so much stressed out because we remember all the time past mistakes, or worry about things that have not yet happened. It literally paralyzes us, prevents us from acting and enjoying life. So right now, throw out of your head all that is superfluous.

Learn from the ancient Greeks

Wise ancient Greeks designated time by twoNames: chronos and kairos. God Chronos seemed to them old and gray-haired, his name denoted the course of time, chronological order. And to this day, we think of time in this vein.

The meaning of the word "kairos" is more difficult to explainModern man. This is the real moment, one happy moment. If the chronos is the quantity, then kairos is quality. If you try to be entirely in the current moment, you will be able to feel kairos. Only this moment is important in a practical sense, because you can not change anything in the past, and the future will not be better if you start constantly worrying about it. Only here and now you can do something worthwhile.

From the first words

Once, while dining with his wife, psychologist GregMcKeon felt the kairos. Here is how he describes his feelings: "Usually at dinner we are so busy asking each other about the events of the morning or planning classes for the evening that we forget to enjoy a joint dinner. This time Anna proposed an experiment: focus only on the present moment. Do not retell the morning planets, do not agree who will take the children from the karate, do not discuss what to cook for dinner.

Instead, we must eat slowly and slowly,Completely immersed in the present. I supported her idea. When I neatly made the first bite, something happened. I felt my breath. Then I unconsciously noted that it had slowed down. Suddenly it seemed to me that the time itself was moving more slowly. Usually I'm in one place, and my mind is in five others, but now I felt that my mind and body were completely here.

This impression remained with me and inAfternoon, when I noticed another change. I was not distracted by various thoughts, and I could concentrate completely on my work. I was calm and fully present at the solution of current issues. Rather than, as usual, to divide mental energy into many competing tasks, I directed it to the most important at the moment. It was not easier to do the work, but I began to get pleasure from it. In this case, what is good for the mind was also good for the soul. "

How to concentrate on the main

Do you feel that you are drawn to a thousand things at once? Want to simultaneously flip through the magazine, read a book, prepare a project, answer emails? All these things are fighting for your attention? As soon as you feel confused, take a break. Take a deep breath. Try to decide what is most important at this very moment, and not in a week or a couple of hours. For this write down on paper all the cases. Feel free to cross out those that do not need to be done right now.

Then list the cases that, in your opinion,Will need to be done later. Think about what you want to achieve by the end of the day, write down all the ideas. So you'll save your head from thinking about the future and stop being afraid of forgetting something. You have two lists, now in each of them, highlight the priority cases. And immediately proceed to the first list, perform point by point, starting with the most significant, while thinking only about what you are doing at the moment. You will not even notice how you will gradually deal with all the duties, not spraying and not nervous over trifles.


Many of us, returning in the evenings from work,Thoughts remain in the office, continue to think about various projects and worry about working problems. Force yourself to pause at the end of the day. Close your eyes, listen to your deep and calm breathing. Try to imagine how with each exhalation you let go of work, all the unresolved issues and tasks go away. Leave them in the workplace, and do not bring them home. After all, the family deserves your undivided attention and full presence.

Try to notice the moments of the kairos, remember,That led you to them, learn to immerse yourself in this state at any time. This will make you not only more focused and successful, but also much happier.

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