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Medical care at home: where to find an experienced doctor?

The demand for medical care at home inSt. Petersburg is constantly growing. The reasons for this trend are sufficient: saving time for visiting a polyclinic, the opportunity to thoroughly consult a specialist in a quiet environment, reducing the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases. Especially important is home observation for children, people with limited mobility and elderly patients.

Despite the fact that the current level of developmentMedicine in some cases allows to conduct examinations and treatment at home, state standards such a format of care is provided only for acute conditions and serious diseases. This is natural with a huge burden of district doctors. Probably, therefore, some officials come forward with initiatives to abolish the current practice of calling a doctor at home.
So, in August of the last year Alexander Baranov(Chief pediatrician of the Ministry of Health) proposed to cancel the calls of children's doctors in large cities, guided by the fact that parents can always take the child to the state medical institution on their own. If we talk about the narrow specialists, then to get advice at home, you have to spend a huge amount of time for reconciliation, directions and evidence that the patient can not visit the clinic on his own. What is the solution?

Calling a paid doctor at home

In this case, the alternative is privateMedical centers, equipment and experience that can effectively solve this problem. In particular, the Family Doctor clinic provides a service to call a doctor at home in St. Petersburg for children and adults. In addition to the examination and consultation, mobile diagnostic equipment is used at home, biomaterials are taken, if necessary, all types of injections and other medical measures are performed. This is a really convenient (and in some cases the only possible) format of medical care. Arrival of the doctor is agreed in advance, the examination takes place in the usual situation, the specialist answers all the questions, and the patient is easier to perceive information and talk about some delicate problems. In addition, confidentiality is observed, if necessary - a temporary disability sheet is issued.
Most often a doctor at home is called to the children thatDue to a weak immune system. Inspection in native walls helps the baby to relax, and the doctor more accurately and quickly carry out diagnostics and necessary measures. In the first year of life, small patients do not want to stay in crowded places, especially in polyclinics, where there is always a chance of getting infected. In this case, it is better to conduct regular examination of the pediatrician and patronage at home.

Important is the fact that in the case ofPrivate medicine, the patient is free to choose the specialist whom he trusts. Sometimes the trust and the doctor depends on the duration and effectiveness of treatment. It's good when the patient already knows the doctor who was summoned to the house. And what if they were faced with such a need for the first time?

Where to find an experienced doctor

One of the possible options is to invite a doctor,Which you visit in a polyclinic. Recommendations of friends and reviews on the Internet can also help with searches. Many doctors are ready to help at home, but this way has some limitations: most likely the specialist will not have the equipment with him. If you need more research (tests, ECG), then you will still have to go to the clinic.
It is safer to call a doctor at home from a private clinic. The solid organizations have all the necessary equipment. The main thing is there is a staff of qualified doctors. You can get information about specialists by phone or on the website of a medical institution. When you call the doctor you will specify all the primary information, help you choose a specialist and agree on the time of your visit.
Turning to the clinic, you can be observed inHome conditions from one specialist to the whole family. The practice of family doctors existed in Russia until the middle of the twentieth century and is still successfully carried out in many developed countries. The advantage of such assistance is the formation of a trusting relationship between patients and a doctor. Possessing more complete anamnesis, the doctor is easier to establish the cause of the disease, to choose effective treatment and to prescribe preventive measures for the rest of the family members.
To invite the therapist and clarify what kind of medical services are provided at home by the doctors of the "Family Doctor", you can call the clinic +7 (962) 346-50-88.
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