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How to make injections intramuscularly in the buttock: video

An injection in the buttock is the safest and mostA convenient way of administering the drug intramuscularly. Due to the abundant blood filling in this area, the drug spreads quite quickly around the body. In addition, there is a minimum of nerve endings in the buttocks, so the solution painlessly penetrates into the tissue. As a rule, the responsibility for the correct conduct of the injection lies with the nurse. But there are situations when there is no possibility to visit the hospital regularly. In such cases, the question arises: how to properly inject into the buttock? It should be noted that this procedure should not cause difficulties. Intramuscular injection is easy to do on your own at home.

Preparation for injection

When injections are injected into the buttocks by intramuscular injection, oneOf the main conditions is compliance with hygiene rules. If you do not adhere to it, there is a possibility of infection. Before you inject into the buttock, you will have to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Then it is desirable to disinfect them with alcohol or other antiseptic.
It is important to pre-prepare everything you need for an injection:
  • syringe;
  • Cotton wool;
  • Gloves;
  • alcohol;
  • Ampoule with medicine;
  • Blade to open the ampoule.
The syringe must necessarily be sterile, preferably with a thin long needle. After the procedure, it is thrown away, this is a one-time tool.

In what area do the buttocks do the injection?

The injection is done in a certain area of ​​the buttocks. The person who faces this for the first time must remember this rule. Otherwise, you can cause injury to the patient, which is accompanied by unpleasant consequences. To properly execute the prick, the buttock is conventionally divided into four equal areas. Upper external lobe is suitable for injection. It contains a smaller number of large vessels and nerve endings. In this part of the buttocks, the bones do not go close to the surface and it is difficult to get into the sciatic nerve. Thus, the outer upper square of the buttock is the ideal area for a safe injection.

Carrying out a prick

On the one hand, there is nothing difficult inTo make an injection in the buttock. On the other hand, it is necessary to learn the right technique to minimize unpleasant consequences. Just one wrong move, and the patient to the underlying disease will add complications after the injection.
There are certain rules that need to be adhered to when injecting into the buttock:
  • The needle should preferably be inserted into the relaxed muscles, the patient should not strain them;
  • The required buttock zone should be freed from clothing;
  • It is advisable to wear gloves so that the patient's blood does not get on the skin, which can lead to infection with the infection;
  • Before removing the needle, it is necessary to attach a cotton wool with alcohol to the skin.
To make an injection in the buttock, it is important to follow the following instructions:
  1. The patient lies on his stomach, reveals the buttocks. At this time, the syringe must be removed from the package, and the needle secured. It must be securely fixed so that it does not come off during the administration of the drug and part of the medicine does not leak out.

  2. Taking an ampoule in your hand, you need to check the nameMedicines, concentration and dosage. After that, it needs to be opened. For this, a special blade is placed in the package with the preparation, which should be held at an angle around the "neck" of the ampoule. Then it is necessary to break off the top part (from itself) with cotton wool.

    It is important! Ampoules containing oil solutions must be preheated.
  3. After this, you can recruit the drug into a syringe. It is important that the needle is not in contact with the walls of the ampoule. Then you need to raise the syringe with the needle up, press the piston and release the air.

  4. Place on the skin, intended for administrationInjections, it is worth wiping with cotton wool with alcohol. Puncture is carried out with a sharp impact from a short distance, holding the syringe at an angle of 90 degrees. The needle should be immersed in the muscle for almost the entire length. Slowly pressing the plunger, we introduce the drug.

  5. The syringe is quickly removed by first attaching a cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
The next time the injection is done in the other buttock or the same, having receded from the previous puncture site about 2 cm.
If the injection is done in a standing position, it is necessary to transfer the weight from one hip to the other. This will help relax the buttock muscle and perform the injection correctly.
On a note! The adult is advisable to do an injection, slightly stretching the skin of the buttocks, when injecting the baby, it should, on the contrary, wrinkle.

How to make an injection in the buttock to yourself

With certain skills to make an injection in the buttockAnother person is easy. It is much more difficult to carry out similar manipulation to oneself. However, sometimes there are desperate situations, when there is simply no one to help with the injection.
The technique is as follows:
  1. Before proceeding directly to the process,It is necessary to take a comfortable position, relax the buttock. To accurately determine the location, you should stand in front of the mirror. Preparatory work and the process of prescribing a syringe are the same as when injecting another person.
  2. The injection is carried out by sharp and precise movement,The needle should be immersed in the buttock for 3/4. If she has entered completely, it's okay to get some of the needle out of the muscle, as this can cause pain.
  3. The medicine is injected by pressing on the piston. After removing the needle, you can massage the injection site. This will help the drug to get into the body more quickly, and also to relieve pain.

After several training sessions, it turns out that it is not so difficult to inject yourself intramuscularly to yourself.
Important! If the negative consequences were not avoided, there was a strong compaction, pain and other undesirable reactions, it is necessary to contact the hospital in time.

Video: how to properly inject an injection intramuscularly into the buttock

To make an injection in the buttock, it is important to readNot only with the basic principles of drug administration, but with all the other nuances. Only the right technique of injection will help to avoid unwanted complications. To familiarize with all rules the video in which it is told how to do a shot intramusculary in a buttock will help.
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