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How to prepare for the birth of a child: modern medicine services for expectant mothers and newborns

Every pregnant woman cares about healthYour baby. What tests should I take? How to protect the health of a newborn? How to learn about the features of its development? These and other questions will be answered by the candidate of medical sciences, transfusiologist Ivan V. Potapov.

What possibilities of modern medicine are useful for pregnant women?

For the future mother, the health of the baby is most important. During the gestation period, you can find time to learn about the achievements of modern medicine and sometimes use the only chance to take advantage of them. For example, already around the world, biosecurity of newborns has spread, but few have heard of it in Russia.

What is biosurance?

Biosurance is the individual preservation of cord blood stem cells taken during labor.
The storage of this biological material in many countries is considered as medical biological insurance.
Cord blood is a valuable biological material, which can be obtained only once - at the time of the birth of the child.
"Stem cells derived from umbilical cord bloodBlood, are characterized by the ability to rapidly multiply and mature in the cellular elements of the hematopoietic and immune systems. This is one of the most effective, and sometimes - the only method for treating complex diseases. "

Why do future moms and dads choose biosecurity?

For more than ten years in our country, specialMedical organizations offer biosecurity services, that is, preserve cord blood at the birth of a child and secrete stem cells from it, which are stored in special containers. In special tanks at ultra-low temperatures, the biomaterial is preserved for many years. If necessary, the biomaterial is sent to the transplantation center. Cord blood stem cells can be indispensable for the treatment of blood diseases or the immune system, as well as for rehabilitation after a course of chemotherapy. In addition, stem cells can be useful for the treatment of many inherited diseases. A full list of diseases is available here.
Already for two decades the stemCells helped to cure more than 85 diseases all over the world. In the vast majority of cases, the use of this biomaterial was the only effective method of treatment.
"It is for this reason that parents resort to biosecurity and preserve cord blood - a valuable biomaterial - at the time of the birth of the child."

Which medical organizations provide biosafety services?

Obtaining stem cells from umbilical cord blood,As well as their storage, special banks of stem cells of umbilical cord blood are involved. However, only Gemabank offers biosecurity to future parents with preservation of DNA.

Why is it important to preserve DNA?

In our country only Gemabank gives such aA unique opportunity. We not only isolate stem cells and store them, but also extract DNA from a drop of this blood, which in the future can be used for diagnostic purposes.

Benefits for the child and his parents

  • Once stored DNA, you can perform up to hundreds of different genetic tests throughout the life of the child.
  • The client himself can choose those genetic texts that he needs, and order them remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • With the preservation of DNA, parents can obtain a genetic map of the child's health according to the special program "Gemaskrin".
  • Hemabank clients can receive recommendations or consult the best geneticists of the international scientific center Gemabank.

Why do specialists in the field of medicine recommend that all newborns take a "Gemaskrin" test?

"Gemaskrin" Is a genetic test that determinesImportant hereditary features that can significantly affect a baby's health, especially in the first months of his life. After carrying out the necessary tests, parents receive a "Genetic Health Card".
Genetic text on the program "Gemaskrin" will be useful for all children. Diagnosis will ensure the timely detection of those diseases that can be alleviated at an early stage of their development.
With the help of the diagnosis "Gemaskrin"For example, such a common pathology, as sensorineural hearing loss. The detection of pathologies with hearing in the early stages of their development provides more effective treatment and better social adaptation.
The diagnostic program "Gemaskrin" includes tests for twenty-one genetic pathologies, and the list of tested abnormalities is selected taking into account the characteristics for residents of Russia.

Tell us about successful cases of using cord blood stem cells

At the moment, all transplantation operations using biomaterials from Hemabank have been successful. This year, every thousandth sample is in demand for the transplantation of Gemabank clients.
Our medical institution cooperates withLeading transplant centers in Russia and all over the world, which gives our clients a unique opportunity to conduct a transplant operation with the best specialists in this field. Our specialists will assist at all stages of preparation and transfer of stem cells to anywhere in the world, and vouch for the safety of their quality. The successful experience of applying our samples and fighting for the health of every baby is what the Gemabank can be proud of.

How to use the service of Hemabank?

The organization works with all maternity hospitals of the country and has representative offices in more than 150 Russian cities and CIS countries. You can consult by phone: 8 (800) 500 - 46 - 38.

Something about love

Each of us expresses love in our own way. Someone gives gifts or pays time to communicate with loved ones. It is important to understand that such a gift to a baby, like biosecurity, can be done only once in a lifetime - at the time of the birth of the child.
Take the only right decision for your family.
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