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Options for the right breakfast: how to make a healthy breakfast with cereal flakes MAKFA

Thousands of girls refuse breakfast,That they help the body to lose weight. In fact, the morning meal should not be "royal" and go according to the principle "I do not want anything". To lunch or dinner not to empty all the shelves in the refrigerator, you need to properly refresh yourself before the start of the day. In addition, a healthy breakfast is also a guarantee of harmony. Morning meal ensures good health for the whole day.

Useful breakfast options

After awakening, the body does not understand what it iswants. That's why the main task is to help him, and not to harm him. At the same time the energy reserves are depleted, and the metabolism is slowed down. That is why it is so important with all responsibility and maximum fault-finding to approach the morning meal. Breakfast should be useful and full. For him, you need to prepare meals, which contain a large number of substances that trigger the process of metabolism.
Nutritionists recommend to cook for breakfast:
  • Omelet with cheese;
  • Baked fish;
  • Grain cottage cheese, in which there are not many calories, but a lot of use;
  • scrambled eggs.

Outside of competition - cereals. They can be used in various forms. The most popular option - porridge. However, not everyone has time to prepare them. Save precious minutes without prejudice to one's health, if you take on the novelty of MAKFA. Cereal flakes are made from Altaic grain. It is a useful product enriched with valuable substances. That is the case when useful is tasty, and tasty is useful.
On a note! This line of cereal flakes is very diverse in taste, and each of the options is different in its natural and useful.

What to prepare for the morning meal?

When choosing products for breakfast, it is very important to remember the rational combination of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. An excellent solution for starting a productive and active day will be:
  • Smoothies;
  • Porridge;
  • Natural yoghurts;
  • Eggs;
  • cottage cheese;
  • Fritates.
No less useful are vegetable salads combined withFish, various sorts of cheese with a low percentage of fat, granola and bruschetta. All these dishes are very hearty, but they do not cause a sensation of heaviness in the stomach. Choosing a particular menu for the morning meal, do not ignore reasonable standards. If breakfast is too rich, it will not allow the body to tune in the right way. On the contrary, an excessively large amount of food eaten will shorten working capacity and cause drowsiness.

It is also recommended to consider that cottage cheese and dishesFrom the eggs provide peace of mind and tranquility. A small number of nuts for breakfast activates the work of the brain. Fruits will lift the mood, and cereals and cereal flakes, enriched with complex and slow carbohydrates, will return the body energy that was spent during hours of sleep.

What foods are not allowed for breakfast?

If the reasoning about the useful options of the morningThe meals are quite understandable, then it will be equally important to identify the list of products that are best to refuse at the beginning of the day. So, once and for all, get rid of the habit of eating in the morning what was left in the evening, especially if it's a cake or a cake with fat cream. Such delicacies quickly eliminate the feeling of hunger, but this is a deceptive effect. Just a couple of hours, the desire to eat something will be unbearable and in the course will go all that you can eat in the office, from chips and ending with the ordered pizza.
In addition, flavors, dyes and fats,Which are present in large quantities in such confectionery products, will fall into an empty stomach and begin to irritate its mucous membrane. As a result, you will not be forced to wait long:
  • nausea;
  • Bloating;
  • flatulence;
  • poisoning;
  • Exacerbation of pancreatitis.
Useless breakfast will be obtained if at its basisLie the sausage products. They are not able to awaken the body and satisfy hunger. Also, it is worth noting the toasts that were fried in a frying pan. They are optimally replaced with more useful toasts. The so-called fast breakfasts will not benefit.

Note! Corn sticks, fitness muesli and porridge of minute cooking will do more harm than good.

Cereal flakes for breakfast: nourishing, useful, fast

If the time for culinary experiments in the morningsCategorically not enough, then the real salvation for those who watch their own health and body weight, will be cereal cereals from whole grains. This is a new product from the famous manufacturer MAKFA. Add them to the smoothies - and this cocktail will only be more useful. You can try yourself to cook granola or the same muesli. For granola choose "Hercules", and oat flakes with bran will perfectly complement the smoothies.

MAKFA flakes can be cooked in microwaveOven or on the stove. Either way will take a minimum of time. Cereal flakes are created from raw materials grown in the fields of Altai. Cereals undergo triple clearance and quality sorting. This is a guaranteed high-quality product, presented in various variations.
You can make a dull morning menu on the wholeA week! Amazing mono-tastes - "Buckwheat" and "Wheaten", have a special mild taste. The maximum benefit can be extracted from a combination of different cereals in flakes "4 cereals" and "5 cereals".
In cereal porridge "Oatmeal" - more tenderConsistency and they are quickly prepared. Oatmeal flakes with bran, an additional source of fiber, are a pleasant nutty taste. "Hercules" - flakes with a rich texture, perfect not only for breakfast, but also for cooking homemade oatmeal cookies.

The main thing to remember: A healthy and proper breakfast is not the notorious cup of coffee, being drunk on the run or directly under the shower. This is a full-fledged meal that sets the tone for the whole day, so let it be as useful and tasty as possible. So choose products for breakfast carefully!
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