/ / Why the labia are dark: the causes of increased pigmentation in the intimate area, how to deal with dark pigmentation on the labia

Why the labia are dark: the causes of increased pigmentation in the intimate area, how to deal with dark pigmentation on the labia

Why does the skin in the intimate area darken, labiaBecome a brown or bluish tint? This is not always associated with dangerous diseases, but it can also be a variation of the norm, like color changes in the genital area and nipples in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Learn about the possible causes of increased pigmentation in intimate areas.

Why is the labia of a woman blue?

Blue lips can be a consequence ofVenous congestion. This can happen because of the constant squeezing of the crotch area by tight underwear, a sedentary lifestyle and circulatory disorders.
It is recommended to sleep less often on one side, not to sit inUncomfortable posture for a long time, do not wear tight tight clothes, do gymnastics and often visit the fresh air. To exclude other pathologies, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Swelling and blue in the intimate area can beA sign of inflammatory processes of the reproductive system. In this case, you need to see a doctor. In addition, similar symptoms in combination with itching and burning of the mucous of the genital organs appear with allergies to the underwear material or hygiene products components.

The causes of darkening of the labia minora

Sexual lips in women may darken in a numberReasons, starting with the banal friction that occurs between the skin and the laundry when walking, ending with more serious causes (hormonal imbalance, ovarian disease, stomach cancer).
  • Darkening of the labia may occur in the firstWeeks of pregnancy as a reaction of the body to the reorganization of all its systems to maintain the fetus. So, for example, during this period a woman has an increase in the volume of circulating blood and the intensity of blood circulation, which can lead to a change in the skin tone in the genital area. This is a perfectly normal situation, darkening is called chloasma, they pass by themselves and do not cause inconvenience.
  • Another reason why the labia may beDarker than usual - hormonal disorders. Failure hormonal regulation of the body can occur in diseases of the ovaries, with the formation of tumors, which themselves can produce hormones.
  • Why is the darkening of the skin accompanied by peelingAnd rashes? In this case, the cause that caused the appearance of spots in the genital area, most likely, is associated with fungal skin lesions. Such spots do not pass by themselves, consultation with a dermatologist and adequate treatment with antimycotics are necessary.
  • Addison's disease is an endocrine disorder, withWhich the adrenal cortex does not produce enough hormones - is also characterized by impaired pigmentation in the intimate area. Chloasma appears not only in the genital area, but also in the nipples, in the armpits and in the areas that are exposed to the sun's rays (Addison's melasma).

How to deal with the darkening of the labia?

If the darkening of the labia is not a symptomSerious disease or hormonal failure, is not accompanied by rashes, flaking and itching, it is not necessary to fight it. Most often, the state of the body comes back to normal after a while - for example, with a darkening of the labia on the background of pregnancy or hormonal failure.

However, if the skin is dark in the areaGenital organs you are unpleasant, it can be corrected by laser whitening in the salon (if the darkening does not affect the mucous membrane) or using folk recipes. Well brighten the skin with parsley, sour cream, cucumber juice, white clay. They can be used as part of a mask to combat darkening of the lips at home. After the application of medicinal mixtures with clarifying components, it is necessary to use a nourishing cream.
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