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The man farts: why he farts at night and day - constantly farts?

In modern society it is accepted constantlyObserve the rules that do not contradict the comfort of others. One of these rules is to restrain yourself for the time of farting. Loud sound is quite unpleasant, and the smell of gas generation is even worse! Therefore, the topic of meteorisms is under the "stamp of secrecy". In fact, it is important to understand the causes of this state of our body.

Why does a man fart many times a day?

Farting is the result of gassing in the stomachAnd intestinal obstruction. Excess air mass pushes air through the anus, and a person suffers from frequent meteorisms, for example, at night or in the morning.
The content of the gas-forming "cloud" includes the following elements:
  • Nitrogen - 59%;
  • Hydrogen - 21%;
  • Carbon dioxide - 9%;
  • Methane - 7%;
  • Oxygen - 4%;
  • Many odor enzymes - 1%.
The average statistical rate of emission of gases fromThe intestine is 3 m / s in time. It is remarkable that both men and women fart a lot and equally. The difference is only in the level of upbringing.
On a note! Gas formation and meteorisms do not arise from the air. This is a direct consequence of what we eat. Fetid smell is hydrogen sulphide, which means that the more foods with this enzyme a person eats, the greater the load will go to his intestines. Ultimately, this results in the release of gases into the air.
Numerous programs about health broadcast thatFart it is possible and even necessary. But we have been taught since childhood that it is uncultured to start out gases in public places. In these conditions, it is important to understand what is the cause of frequent meteorisms and how to avoid an awkward situation? It is scientifically proven that if a person gets rid of gas pollution inside the intestine, then he will make his life easier.

Why does a man fart at night?

Constant farting at night is not normal at all. As a rule, a person does not sleep alone, and if he is tormented by gases, then the surrounding people suffer from this.
We all love to eat before going to bed. As a result, our digestive system is forced to work and remove the slag even at night. Let's see what influences the formation of gas.
Products, consumption at night which leads to frequent meteorisms:
  • Leguminous crops;
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and other vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • Dry cereals (bran and flakes);
  • Mineral waters and carbonated drinks;
  • milk products;
  • Products containing lactose;
  • Diet food and sweets.
The use of products of at least one group is guaranteed to lead to a night "cacophony". Well, if you combine several categories, then get ready for a frequent fart.

Products that relieve the digestive system before going to bed:
  • rice porrige;
  • Chicken, turkey and other low-fat meat;
  • Green or black tea;
  • Ordinary bread crumbs.
So, if you want to reduce the level of meteorisms,Then do not abuse products from the first list, but rather include in the diet before going to bed constant light food. Then you will not start loud gas all night.
Interesting fact! The Germans are not shy often and shamelessly farting even during table meals, considering gassing as a natural process.

Why does a person fart in the morning?

Meteorisms can haunt us even after sleep, for example, in the morning or at lunch. The reason for this is the causes that occur inside the body:
  • Incorrect food intake.
    Russian folk wisdom says: When I eat, I'm deaf and dumb! But not everyone adheres to this rule, as a result of which, together with food, whole streams of air are launched inside. The resulting bubbles provoke fermentation and bubbling inside the intestine, and the result is a well-known fart in the mornings.

  • Dysbacteriosis.
    Disturbance of microflora and colonization of the intestines by pathogens leads to frequent and loud air emissions.
  • Lack of bifidobacteria.
    Digestion takes place with the participation of permanent enzymes - useful food solvents. Deficiency of enzymes provokes gases and bloating.
  • Weak peristalsis.
The penetration of many consumed products is based on the elasticity of the gastrointestinal tract. Violation of peristalsis leads to morning collapse in the form of frequent gases.
Thus, it does not matter when a man farts - at night or in the morning - the main thing: to eliminate the causes of permanent gas formation and normalize the digestive system.
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