/ / Green discharge in women, yellow-green discharge during pregnancy - what does green secretion mean?

Green discharge in women, yellow-green discharge during pregnancy - what does green secretion mean?

Green discharge in women is a sign of unstableProcesses within the body, characterized by a change in the hormonal background and preparation for new functions (for example, childbirth). In the normal state, the excretions can be white.

Allocations in women are yellowish-green in color

Greenish mucus and itching of the genitalsIndicate a health problem. The yellow-green hue of excretions indicates that infection develops inside the female body. The presence of an odor in the outflowing mass is a clear sign of gynecological abnormalities.
Causes of yellowish-green discharge in women:
  1. Dysbacteriosis of the vagina. It is the presence of a pathogenic microflora, namely, pathogens of Gardnerella. In some cases, the genital area is covered with a whitish film, and inside there is a "fishy" smell. Against the background of a general lack of hygiene, itching, burning and pain develops during sexual intercourse.
  2. Greenish or yellow discharge from the vagina can be the beginning of the development of salpingitis and adnexitis. A woman experiences chills or an increase in body temperature.
  3. Hormonal disbalance. Pursues pregnant women until delivery. Weakened immunity is not able to cope with the foci of infection, as a result of which they make themselves felt through the yellow-green discharge from the vagina.
The above reasons can indicate a common infection of the body. But there are cases when greenish-muddy masses appear without itching for a short period of time.

Green discharge without odor

If such a problem is found,The nature of the discharge. So, the smell speaks about abnormal work of genitals. If the discharge does not have an odor, try evaluating the selection by other criteria than color.
Healthy discharge with undisturbed cycle:
  • Amount. The optimal amount of liquid per day should not exceed 1 teaspoon. In this case, slight deviations from the norm are allowed. Abundant greenish discharge with itching usually exceeds the norm.
  • Color spectrum. The flowing mass, leaving color traces on the underwear, indicates the presence of pathologies. If the yellow-green discharge strongly contaminates the clothes, there can be no question of any normal process.
  • Smell. Ordinary emissions are odorless and colorless. The yellowish liquid usually has no smell, but the green one carries a sharp "fish" shade.
  • Consistency. Normal discharge consists of a colorless, slightly cloudy or clear liquid.
Green and yellow secretions are odorless.Testify to the development of adnexitis (uterine inflammation) or oophoritis (problems with the ovaries). Sometimes, the list of diseases is accompanied by cervical erosion and vaginal dysbacteriosis.
Therefore, if you find yourself in your green discharge, even if it does not smell, do not wait for it to appear, and rather go to the doctor!

Green discharge during pregnancy

During pregnancy the woman experiences the strongest shocks of hormonal character. Therefore, the color of its secretions may deviate from the norm. The reason for such deviations may be:
  • Allergy is the most harmless kind of reaction to external stimuli, and greenish outflows stop after a few days;
  • Inflammatory process in the ovaries or uterus - discharge accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen;
  • An increase in the number of staphylococci or E. coli - particles of pus are mixed with the green mass from the vagina;
  • Gonorrhea is a venereal disease with itching, especially dangerous during pregnancy.

Once you've found your selectionStrange color - immediately consult a gynecologist. Timely assistance provided will protect your body and prevent infection of the fragile fetus during childbirth.
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