/ / It hurts in front under the left rib: why do pains occur under the left rib and how to get rid of them?

It hurts in front under the left rib: why there are pains under the left rib and how to get rid of them?

Pain in the side is a real hell for a person. From this position, it is impossible to unbend or bend. If it hurts under the left rib, then fear arises, is everything okay with the heart? In the article we will try to understand why we suffer from pains in the side?

It hurts under the left rib: what can it be?

Sub-ribbed left pain disturbs both men and women. At one point a person feels a sharp tingling, flowing into a fairly strong pulsation.
The nature of pain on the left side of the trunk can be as follows:
  • cutting;
  • aching;
  • acute;
  • pricking.
Depending on the nature of the pain, you can determine the cause of the symptom. The approximate list of reasons is as follows:
  • The first signal of an organism about a heart attack;
  • Increased or damaged spleen;
  • The development of gastritis, ulcers and other inflammation in the stomach;
  • Problems with the lungs - pneumonia, pleurisy or oncology diseases;
  • Kidney failure - the spread of pyelonephritis or the formation of kidney stones;
  • Violation of the diaphragm or nervous system of the body;
  • Diseases in the field of endocrinology;
  • Fracture of the ribs - the left side gives the strongest tingling, and the patient needs urgent hospitalization;
  • Problems with the back.
On a note! The most common cause of severe pain in the left side is pancreatitis. The fact is that the tail area of ​​the pancreas is located just in the left part of the human body.
The exact cause of the trouble will helpOnly special medical diagnostics. Therefore, in order to avoid relapse and worsening of well-being, you should contact the clinic. All kinds of pain on the left exclude self-medication.

Unpleasant sensations in the left side under the ribs - this is a symptom of serious diseases

Aching in front of the rib canTestify to the presence of gastritis or ulcers. Symptoms of this disease are also: lack of appetite, profuse vomiting, attacks of nausea, frequent diarrhea. If you do not provide timely medical assistance, gastritis flows into a terrible disease - stomach cancer.
Determine the presence of cancer can be if you find the following symptoms:
  • Impossibility of physical activity;
  • Sluggish state of the body;
  • Weight loss and general body exhaustion;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • The emergence of an allergy to food.
Pain near the ribs below can signal the development of diseases in the pancreas. To the symptoms of gastritis is added a rise in body temperature and a sharp chill.
Over time, tingling flows into the surroundingpain. A person has a "saw effect" not only in front, but also at the bottom of the rib. Symptoms continue to increase, and even simple cases become unbearable.
Colic in the side indicate problems withLungs, for example, pneumonia or tuberculosis. The person's face is covered with a blue color, the body is feverish. After a while, the unfortunate person begins to cough and complain of a severe chill.

One of the most common causes of such painThere are cracks or fractures of bones. This is after unexpected falls or bumps in the stomach. The patient needs to undergo an immediate examination from the surgeon. Otherwise, bone formation can damage internal organs and tissues.

Why does it hurt under the left rib during the pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a critical time inLife of any woman. In itself, finding the fetus in the body delivers a certain discomfort. And if a pregnant woman begins to feel tingling in the side, then this is an occasion to reflect on your own health and the health of the baby.
Tingling in front in the left side can becomeA consequence of displacement of the intestine. Every day, the growing fetus moves the internal organs, which, under the influence of tension, increase in size or lose their habitual position inside the abdomen.
If you find constipation in a pregnant woman does not need to resort to the help of laxatives. The only solution is to adjust the diet according to the prescription of the doctor.
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