/ / Pulls the lower abdomen during pregnancy: causes and symptoms of abdominal pain in the abdomen of a pregnant woman

Pulls the lower abdomen during pregnancy: causes and symptoms of abdominal pain in the abdomen of a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, a woman feels constantTremors and pressure from the inside. The developing fetus takes up a lot of space, but in some cases, pain can give important signals about health problems. It's time to understand the causes of discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Why does the abdomen hurt during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most responsiblePeriods in the life of the future mother. During the course of pregnancy, you need to listen very carefully to the signals of the body, especially if there are unpleasant sensations in the abdomen.
Causes of pain during pregnancy:
  • Disorders of the digestive process (dysbacteriosis, difficult food, presence of worms);
  • Appendicitis or pancreatitis;
  • Kidney failure (kidney stones, problems with the ovaries, inflammation of the uterus);
  • Heterotopic or ectopic pregnancy;
  • Prematurity of the fetus or threat of miscarriage;
  • Changes in the placenta before the onset of the week.
These reasons need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the woman risks not only her body, but also the health of her future child.
If you find the above concerns, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. Most likely, it makes sense to normalize the regime and diet.

Why pulls the lower abdomen during pregnancy in the early stages?

The first trimester of pregnancy is especially important. And if the pulling pains in the abdomen begin to disturb already in the early stages - this is a serious reason to seek medical help.
Unpleasant feelings at 1 or 2 months of fetal gestation are usually associated with the threat of miscarriage or a particularly dangerous ectopic pregnancy.
The complete list of symptoms is as follows:
  • In addition to the abdomen, the pain covers the lumbar region;
  • Instead of mucous discharge in a woman, outflows from the vagina with blood impurities are observed;
  • The body loses its habitual tone, dizziness and nausea are felt;
  • The pulling state in the lower abdomen flows into the acute stitching phase;
  • The future mother loses her appetite;
  • The skin acquires a pale shade, often fainting.
The first two months lay the foundation for the further course of pregnancy. The detection of problems in the initial phases of fetal formation is a serious reason to consult a doctor.
Advice! If you feel unwell before conception, then tell your gynecologist about it. It is better to identify the disease at an early stage than to detect it at the stage of preparation for childbirth.

Why pulls the lower abdomen during pregnancy at a later date?

The last trimester can also be accompanied by discomfort in the lower abdomen.
Causes of fears in ailments in late pregnancy:
  1. Uterine enlargement can provoke rupturesLigaments. Whinning in the abdomen is accompanied by constant spasms. The woman is concerned about pain even with a slight pressure on the abdomen. Such a problem requires immediate contact with a doctor.
  2. Drawing at the bottom of pain flow into crampoid. In this case, the real term of gestation is estimated - if it is 30 weeks, then, most likely, it is a question of premature birth, especially if it is accompanied by blood secretions and breakage in the lumbar spine. It is necessary to prevent premature birth, and help with this can only in the hospital.
  3. Inflammation of the lonnous articulation (symphysitis) leads to sharp or drawing pains. The threat of inflammation extends to the central part of the pelvis.
  4. Infection in the urogenital canal or intractability in the intestines causes discomfort in the lower abdomen.
A pregnant woman should closely monitor the changes taking place in the body, and with the slightest pain in the abdomen, inform them about it to her doctor.
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