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Pink discharge in women: why do pink discharge appear before the menstrual period and during pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge in a woman is a productContinuous development and vital activity of the reproductive system. Beginning of the cycle is laid during puberty, and later discharges accompany menstruation, sex and the period of gestation.

Pink discharge before menstruation

Pink on color allocation cause a question that they mean and whether they are dangerous for health. When a mass of pale pink color is detected during the following periods, the woman does not have to worry about anything:
  • The passage of the course with antibiotics - excretion as a side effect;
  • The introduction of a contraceptive for sex in the form of a spiral - the adaptation of the body to an unusual subject;
  • The first days of pregnancy - is associated with the contact of the fetus and the uterine wall in the lower abdomen.
In other words, the above conditions do not pose a threat to the woman's body. So, if you do not have a period, and instead there are pink discharge - this is not a reason for panic.

Another reason for the appearance of a pinkish mass is a warning about the onset of menstruation. This is a completely normal phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about.

Pink discharge in early pregnancy

Pinkish (pale) troubles in pregnancyAccompany many women who carry a child. As a rule, the discharge goes during the first three months in the absence of sex in expectant mothers. Nothing wrong with that.
The main cause of such secretions in the early stages of pregnancy is the implantation of the fetus in the uterine region. These days the future mother usually does not have a stomach ache and does not have a bright red liquid from the vagina.
Attention! With regular appearance of reddish mass, you should consult a gynecologist and undergo an ultrasound examination. Frequent outflows indicate an internal malfunction in the body and the likelihood of the onset of the inflammatory process.
Do not worry if the pink discharge started after:
  • Examination of the vagina with ultrasound;
  • Study of microflora by a gynecologist with the help of a special mirror;
  • Sex.
Sometimes in pregnant women there is a so-calledFalse monthly cycle. In days of such a condition a woman experiences a drawing pain in the lower abdomen. Over time, the pain passes, and the menstrual cycle stops.

With too much blood supply to the genitalOrgans, the body of a pregnant woman can utilize surpluses of blood, "pushing" them. This is indicated by pale brown or dark red in color vaginal discharge. Curled blood is an occasion for a serious examination, so on the same day you need to see a doctor.

Pink discharge is a sign of hormonal disorders?

As the female hormone estrogen increases -Appear not only monthly in the middle of the cycle, but also other excretions. Estrogen affects the condition of the uterine mucosa. During fertilization, of course, the body is stressed. From the vagina begins to appear secretion of pink or reddish flowers.
Hormonal disorders can be associated withThe introduction of artificial contraceptives in the form of a spiral. Some women prefer oral contraceptives. But they also do not protect against stressful situations inside the body.
Changing the hormonal background provokesDamage to the vaginal mucosa. This can lead to damage, for example, during syringing. Microcracks in the womb of the vagina entail pinkish or red discharge
Thus, discharge in the middle of a monthCycle or when carrying a fetus in the abdomen - this is not a reason for panic. But if such allocation is too abundant, smells bad or is accompanied by pain, be sure to contact your gynecologist!
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