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Trust in the family: the five principles of interaction

Trust between parents and the child is veryFragile substance: it is easy to break, and it will take years to restore. Observing the basic principles of "feedback" with the baby, you can create a safe reality, which is useful in case of age-related crises. First of all - politeness. The child just needs to hear "thank you", "please" and "sorry", as well as an adult. Gratitude, correct request and recognition of rightness are very important for a little person - these words demonstrate the value of his opinion.

Honesty is the second basic postulate. Do not lie to the kid, even in those things that seem insignificant - just pick up the phrases that will be available to his understanding.

Joint activities are no less important in the matterBuilding trust. Common interests, goals and plans bring together and unite the family in a natural way. With the third principle, the fourth is inextricably linked - the creation of family traditions. Funny holidays, exciting trips and active hobbies will help to rally parents and children for many years.

And, of course - acceptance. The last and most complex principle involves understanding the unique personality of your child and absolute agreement with all of its features.

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