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Pain of the third trimester: headache, pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back

The pain of the third trimester is familiar to many womenOn the last stages of pregnancy. During the entire period of bearing a child in the body of a future mother, there are colossal changes. Their decoding is simple: the kid is growing rapidly, the organs are shifting, the hormones are being rebuilt - as a result of this, there is a periodic feeling of poor health. What actions should be taken to relieve painful symptoms?

Pain in the third trimester of pregnancy

In the third trimester, nausea is no longer a concern, butThere are other symptoms. As a rule, painful manifestations are observed in the abdomen and lower back. This is due to the growth of the child, as a result of which the muscles are stretched, and a large load is created on the back. A woman can feel soreness in the sides, in the lower abdomen, sometimes the navel hurts.
Such manifestations are often related toOrgans of digestion. The growth of the uterus leads to their displacement, which causes pain in the intestines and stomach. Often felt tingling in the left side, heaviness in the legs.
On a note! If unpleasant sensations of a cutting, scraping, pulling character, they bother for a long time, it is better to be safe and consult a doctor.

As you know, many tablets are contraindicated in pregnancy. Which treatment option to choose to ease the condition and not harm the child?

Treatment of headache in the third trimester

Headaches periodically occur in eachThe woman in the third trimester of pregnancy is also not insured from them. However, in this period, not any anesthetic is suitable. You can drink Paracetamol, which is considered the safest for expectant mothers. In most cases, after taking it, the headache goes away. One tablet is enough, most importantly, do not exceed the dosage.
On a note! If Paracetamol does not help, and your head hurts more, you do not need to visit a women's forum and look for answers to your questions. It is advisable to visit a doctor immediately and tell him about the problem.

How to treat pain in the lower abdomen?

During the entire period of pregnancy, every woman, althoughIt would be time, but my stomach ached. The third trimester is accompanied by this symptom most often. If this is due to stretching the muscles, you will have to suffer. When soreness is manifested particularly intensively, a full rest is recommended. The doctor may advise wearing a special bandage, which reduces the load on the ligaments. It is worth while wearing walks and other activities.
Easy gymnastics also comes to the rescue. Carrying out special exercises designed for pregnant women, muscles are strengthened, preparation for childbirth is conducted. But it should be remembered that excessive physical activity is contraindicated. If the girl feels bad, she should stop the exercises.

If the reason is in the digestive organs, it is worth sticking to certain recommendations:
  • It is desirable to reduce the amount of food consumed at a time, increasing the frequency of its intake;
  • It is worth including enough fruits and vegetables in your diet;
  • It is recommended to minimize the consumption of fatty and sweet foods.
All this will help reduce the burden on the intestines.
On a note! The painful sensations that spread from the waist to the bottom of the abdomen may indicate the onset of labor. This state should not be left without attention. You should consult a gynecologist, as well as monitor your secretions, in time to determine the leakage of amniotic fluid. Particular attention they need to give in the last week of pregnancy.

Relieve back pain in the third trimester

Given the increasing burden, the last term of pregnancy often worries the lower back. During this period it is forbidden to lift weights so that the back does not get injured.
If there is soreness in the back and coccyx to reduce the intensity of symptoms, it is worth sticking to simple tips:
  • Massage will help ease the condition (it is advisable to entrust it to a professional, but you can do it yourself);
  • A warm shower can improve the condition, as it relieves muscle tension;
  • It is recommended to follow your own posture, keep your back straight;
  • Special gymnastics will come to the rescue in case of such manifestations.
If you follow all the recommendations, the period of bearing of the child will not be overshadowed by unpleasant symptoms.

At the last stages of pregnancy, the body of a womanIntensively preparing for childbirth. Increasingly, there are training fights (for a few seconds the lower abdomen is stony), and other unusual symptoms also arise. To get rid of some of them, including the headache in the third trimester, and do not hurt the baby, it is worth familiar with the above recommendations.
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