/ Eat right: five components of a healthy diet

Eat right: five components of a healthy diet

Unbalanced nutrition is a headacheNutritionists and their patients, vainly seeking to lose weight. Meanwhile, it is not at all necessary to scrupulously count the share of nutrients in each snack or buy bundles of vitamin complexes. It is only necessary to include in the diet products containing key microelements for the full functioning of the body. The lack of iron is detrimental to the female figure - the skin becomes dry, the hair is dull, and the nails are brittle. That is why in the diet must be a dish of red meat, fish and egg yolks. To complement protein delicacies is best with vegetable side dishes and juices, eliminating the deficiency of dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Seafood and seaweed are a source of iodine,An irreplaceable "controller" of the endocrine system. Those who are not enthusiastic about the dishes of cod liver and sea fish, you can use iodized salt when cooking. Do not forget about nuts and sesame - they contain a significant amount of magnesium. This microelement regulates metabolic processes and contributes to the stabilization of the nervous system during stress.

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