/ Why does the temperature rise to 37 in the evening. Causes of an increase in body temperature in the evening.

Why does the temperature rise to 37 in the evening. Causes of an increase in body temperature in the evening.

Such a physiological indicator of the stateThe human body, like body temperature, is able to deviate from normal values ​​in the mornings and evenings. There may be many reasons for a fever, but if the phenomenon is repeated on a daily basis, consult a specialist and get a check-up.

Causes of fever in the evening

To the most frequent reasons for daily deviationThe temperature from the normal value at night refers to the processes of inflammation that occur in the body. In the absence of timely treatment, the symptom can develop into a disease. A hidden inflammatory process can be detected using diagnostic tests.
Another reason that the temperatureRises at night above 37 degrees - infectious or viral diseases. Especially dangerous are hepatitis C and tuberculosis. Identify the cause of this insignificant, at first glance, sign can only be a qualified specialist. Constantly changing body temperature can signal a chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, leads to an increase in temperature to 37.5, and sometimes to 38 degrees, the following:
  • Frequent nervous breakdowns;
  • Lack of proper rest;
  • Negative emotions and emotions;
  • insomnia.
Especially susceptible to this symptom of the girl. Female body simply does not have time to fully recover for a new job, so it signals a fatigue heat. You can get rid of the disease by rescheduling your daily schedule, as well as drinking a course of medicines immunomodulating type.

Why does the temperature rise to 37 degrees in the evening?

There are other reasons that for the night oftenThe temperature rises to 37 degrees and above. One of them is the residual phenomenon from the transfer of a serious illness. In this case, a valuable rest and a sound sleep is important.
Temperature can not only riseEvening, but also at lunch. This phenomenon often indicates the occurrence of side effects from regular use of medications. It is necessary to monitor the change in your condition after taking the medicine: if the fever is regular, then you can not do without medical help.

Can the temperature rise during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women faceThe problem is that their body temperature rises above 37. This is quite normal in the early stages. It is associated with a sharp restructuring of hormones in the body of a woman waiting for a child. Progesterone is produced, the heat transfer gradually slows down, this leads to a rise in body temperature.
Note! In late pregnancy, heat is not associated with the production of hormones and in most cases is a consequence of the infectious process in the body.

The cause of fever in the body is up to 37Degrees during pregnancy can be overheating in the sun or lack of oxygen in the room. Therefore, in the first trimester, do not worry if the evening thermometer shows an overestimated value.

Can the temperature rise after eating?

According to medical research,That at some people the temperature can rise right after meal. This is due to the ingestion of substances called oligopeptides - the result of digestion of food. The temperature rises only after eating, and after 3 hours it falls off. In children, the abnormality can be associated with a high intake of protein foods, for example, meat. Food can also affect the sensitive body of a woman during pregnancy.

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