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Compatibility of Ingavirin with alcohol. Consequences of the combination of Ingavirin and alcohol

Disease is capable of undermining the immunity of anyA person, even one who is supported by the principles of a healthy lifestyle. And in the season of epidemics and even more so. During this period, there is a growing need for the use of special antiviral agents for treatment and prevention. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible not to drink them. One of these medicines is Ingavirin. In view of its use for preventive purposes, there is often a question of compatibility with alcohol, because antibiotic and alcoholic beverages are not recommended at the same time.

Is Ingavirin an antibiotic?

To answer the question of the possibilityCombining the drug with alcohol, you need to know whether Ingavirin is an antibiotic or not. The principle of its action is based on increased production of interferon, due to which cells become more resistant to viruses. However, this does not make the medicine an antibiotic, which is indicated in the annotation, since the effect is solely on viruses, not bacteria. So the question is: whether Ingavirin and alcohol are compatible is ambiguous.

Combination of Ingavirin with alcohol

The main mistake of many people is that bothOnly they learn that the drug does not belong to the antibacterial, begin to simultaneously use it and alcohol. However, it is undesirable to do this. And there are good reasons for this. First of all, they are associated with the immunomodulatory effect of the drug, as a result of which the effect occurs on all organs and systems. If, in parallel, to use this drug and alcohol, the viruses that are affected by the active components of the drug will be much slower to decay. This will lead to the fact that the medicine itself will stay longer in the blood and organs than necessary for a positive result. Toxic substances will be released, which in the future will have a negative impact on various organs, primarily, the liver, kidneys and psyche.
Ethyl alcohol in combination with activeComponents of the pharmaceutical agent significantly increases the load on the liver, which already has to work more actively during treatment. Such a combination can be considered truly dangerous. And in some cases, the effect can be completely opposite: the symptoms are not eliminated, but exacerbated.

In addition, alcohol neutralizes anyPositive effects of the drug on a person, leading to ineffective therapy. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this, and this drug can be replaced by another one. But any delay in treatment leads to the fact that the disease will go to a neglected stage, the fight with which is more prolonged and aggressive. That's why it's better to forget about alcoholic drink for a while.

Ingaverine and alcohol - compatibility and effects

Another undesirable effect may be ifDrink Ingavirin and alcohol-containing drinks together - an allergic reaction. And to foresee it is almost impossible. Even if previously a person did not have a tendency to allergies, one can not be sure that the body will not react in this way to a combination of two strong substances. The severity of the reaction can be completely different and does not depend on how much to drink alcoholic cocktails: from usual rashes and itching to anaphylactic shock. In the latter case, you need to act instantly, only this way you can save life. If a person decided to drink alcohol and the specified medicament at the same time, then the condition should be closely monitored.
Take it is not recommended and alcoholic infusion of medicinal herbs, because the effect will be similar.
For the effectiveness of treatment with thisThe drug should be abandoned from alcoholic beverages several days before the start of the drug and vice versa. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to accurately predict the reaction of the body to the joint intake of strong drinks and medicinal products, since each person is individual. It is not necessary to check the compatibility of Ingavirin with alcohol on personal experience.
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