/ Inhalation during pregnancy. With what you can do inhalation during pregnancy: saline, chamomile and eucalyptus

Inhalation during pregnancy. With what you can do inhalation during pregnancy: saline, chamomile and eucalyptus

During pregnancy, a woman is not protected fromViruses. Even SARS in mild form does not have the best effect on the development of the fetus. As you know, many drugs during the period of bearing a child are prohibited. An effective way to treat diseases of the respiratory system is inhalation. When pregnancy, it is worthwhile to use it because it has practically no contraindications, it is enough just to choose the means for the procedure.

Fizrastvor during pregnancy

In fact, saline is an ordinarySalt dissolved in pure water. He gently interacts with the mucous membranes, without damaging them. You can make it yourself, dissolving 1 teaspoon of table salt in a liter of boiling water, or purchase a finished product in a pharmacy.
Home sterilization can not provide complete sterility. Future mothers should not take risks, so it is recommended to use the finished product, which is sold in the pharmacy.
The essence of inhalation consists in the inhalation of vaporsActive substance. For the procedure, you can apply the old method using a pot or purchase an inhaler. In the first case, you need to fill the container with the prepared liquid, bend over it and inhale with your nose or mouth, covering your head with a towel or a warm kerchief to conserve heat.
The opinion is erroneous that it is necessary to make a hot solution for the procedure. It's so easy to get nasopharyngeal burns, so the liquid should be warm.

Fizrastvor from a cold in pregnancy

Fizrastvor helps in the fight with the common cold, ifTo inhale his pairs with his nose. Such procedures also help to remove the swelling of the nasal passages caused by pregnancy. There is a stimulation of the mucous membrane, increases blood circulation. This allows you to get rid of the sensation of a stuffy nose.

On a note!
The symptoms of a runny nose are also helped by washing (using a syringe or a small teapot) or instillation into the nasal passages.
Such methods of therapy are effective only onThe initial stage of the common cold. If it is launched, more radical measures are needed. It is not recommended to use more salt for the preparation of the medicine, since in this case it is possible not to get rid of the common cold, but to worsen the condition.

Fizrastvor of cough during pregnancy

The inhalation of solution vapors will help to eliminate coughingTable salt. Unlike the treatment of rhinitis, you need to breathe with your mouth. You can do this even through an ordinary paper cone, bending over a container with a solution.
When the disease of the upper respiratory tract is desirable to use steam inhalers. If the inflammatory process has spread to the bronchi, it is recommended to give preference to the nebulizer.
On a note!
In diseases of the respiratory tract can also beApply a solution of soda. The inhalation of its vapors will relieve any kind of cough: dry, wet, allergic. To prepare a medicine based on soda, the same dosage is used, as in the case with table salt.

Inhalation with chamomile and eucalyptus in pregnancy

Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect. Eucalyptus gives an expectorant effect, and also removes inflammatory processes. In combination, these plants are great for treating diseases of the respiratory system. To prepare the infusion in a glass of boiled water, one tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves and chamomile are made. When he is infused and slightly cool, you need to inhale his vapors to get rid of the disease.

On a note!
At elevated temperatures, the use of steam therapy is not recommended. Otherwise, you can worsen the condition.

Key recommendations

In order for the treatment to be effective, inhalations must be done, observing simple conditions:
  • Perform half an hour after a meal;
  • The remedy should always be freshly prepared;
  • For two hours after treatment is not recommended to go out and eat;
  • You need to breathe evenly and deeply;
  • The therapy is carried out 4 times a day, the duration of each session does not exceed 10 minutes.
If you adhere to all the recommendations, inhalation will help get rid of the disease and not create a threat to the development of the baby.
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