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Is it possible to use oxolin ointment during pregnancy? How oxalic ointment works and what helps

One of the main tasks facingPregnant woman, is the prevention of viral and infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. Any cold can adversely affect the overall health of mom and baby, while the woman's ailment is very difficult to treat because of the small number of medications allowed to her.

For these reasons, many doctors adviseProphylactic purposes to use antiviral ointments, the most common of which is oxolinic. In addition, it has an acceptable price, which is another plus of the medicine.

How and what helps oksolinovaya ointment?

The active substance of the ointment is oxolin,Nasal mucosa, prevents the process of binding a pathogenic virus to epithelial cells of the nasal cavity. So there is strengthening of local immunity, which prevents bacteria from penetrating further from the nasopharynx. It is in this area that a complete deactivation of the virus takes place.
The drug based on oxoline is effective againstInfluenza virus, herpes simplex, ARI and adenovirus. It allows you to deal with viral diseases that affect the skin, which is no less important during the bearing of the child. Against the background of reduced immunity, various types of growths often appear on the skin, which can be treated with oxolin preparations.

Use of medicines based on oxoline can be used for the following purposes:
  • For the prevention of influenza and colds;
  • For the treatment of rhinitis and herpes simplex;
  • For the treatment of eye diseases caused by the virus;
  • For the treatment of viral lesions of the skin.

Can I use oxolin ointment during pregnancy?

It is known that during child bearingUse almost all medicines, even many folk recipes during this period of life are prohibited. Therefore, there is a logical question: can I use oxolin ointment during pregnancy?
Among the contraindications to the use of suchItem, like pregnancy and lactation, the ointment does not. But the instruction for use notes that it is possible to use this remedy for future mothers only if the benefit for the woman from using it is higher than the possible risk for the developing fetus.
However, oxolin ointment during pregnancy isAlmost the only remedy for colds. Doctors always appoint her to future mothers and even argue that it is not only possible to use it, but it is also desirable, especially in the early stages. After all, a sick woman has a greater chance of developing complications than one that uses antiviral preventive medicines.
Judging by the reviews, all future mothers who use this remedy for the prevention and treatment of colds noted its high effectiveness and the absence of side effects.

How to use oxolin ointment?

Ointment can have different contentsActive substance - from 0.25 to 3%. Pregnant women are allowed to use the drug even with the highest concentration of oxolin, but one should be guided by its own sensitivity and tolerability of the active ingredient. So, if a woman after lubricating the nasal mucosa with a 3% agent felt itching or burning, you should wash it off with warm water and try the drug with a lower concentration of the active substance.
Oksolinovaya ointment during pregnancy should be used according to the following scheme:
  1. For preventive purposes, she needs to smearMucous a nose 2 times a day, necessarily to make procedure before an output or exit in crowded places. To do this, a small amount of it is laid in each nostril with a cotton swab or little finger. The drug is recommended for pawning and for the eyelid. Upon returning home, it must be washed off with warm water. The preventive course is a month, it is repeated twice a year during the period of acute infection - in spring and autumn.
  2. For treatment of rhinitis, it is necessary to smear the nasal mucosa 3 times a day. The course of such therapy is short - only 3 days.
  3. For the treatment of herpes simplex, which is manifested by a cold on the lips, the affected areas are lubricated with a remedy until the symptoms disappear.
  4. When warts appear, they are recommended to be treated for a month.
The future mother needs to carefully monitor her own health, in what today such medicines as the well-known oxolin can help.
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