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The causes of white plaque in the vagina. Can I cure thrush without a doctor? How to get rid of white plaque in the vagina?

Itching, burning, redness and swelling, discharge intoThe intimate area is most often the symptoms of thrush - an unpleasant disease that affects many women. Thrush, or, as doctors call it, candidiasis is one of the most common diseases of the intimate sphere, which can affect a woman of any age: like giving birth, so is a girl or a very young girl, who was recently given monthly.

White plaque in the vagina - what is it caused by?

Candidiasis manifests itself in the form of liquid cheesyExcretions, or clots of mucus with impregnations of yellow or whitish color, which smear panties between cyclones monthly and smell, giving off sour (their popular name - whites). Allocations can take place without any obvious symptoms, and may present themselves with itching, burning, sensation of soreness, dryness and tightness. From whites often have labia, the walls of the vagina and the clitoris.
Other causes of exacerbation of the fungus may beDiseases of the appendages, vagina, cervix, inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, non-observance of personal hygiene, especially in public places: baths, swimming pools or fitness centers.
Sometimes the cause of exacerbation are evenexternal factors. For example, some women complain of an exacerbation of candidiasis after insertion of a pessary into the vagina, when white pellets begin to accumulate around this device, having an unpleasant texture and the smell of sour cottage cheese.
According to the latest information of doctors, even linen with synthetics can provoke the disease. Do not want to get sick with thrush? Buy only linen from cotton with a small content of elastane yarn.

Diseases about which white discharge color can speak:
  1. Bacterial vaginosis.
  2. Avitaminosis.
  3. Venereal diseases (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis).

If you find a white coating on the walls of the vagina

Often the presence of white mucus on the walls of the vaginaAnd the labia is detected by the attending physician during routine examination. Doctors say that many women have ceased to perceive the disease as a serious disease for the body. To thrush are treated as a phenomenon like monthly. This attitude is very erroneous: candidiasis can be transmitted sexually as well as any venereal disease.
But the danger of Candida fungus lies in the fact,That, untreated, it spreads everywhere, and at the same time the whole intimate zone suffers, so that the white coating is visible on the vagina, the clitoris, the labia and the inner side of the thigh. To cure such a stage is much more difficult, so it is better to conduct timely diagnosis and to identify the disease as quickly as possible. Examination of the patient involves the study of the smear. To do this, from the walls of the vagina take a small scraping and transfer it to a special glass.
The main harm of thrush can cause, ifA woman is waiting for a child. Candida is often aggravated just during the period of gestation. If they are not cured, thrush can infect a newborn. That is why do not neglect the advice of a doctor and treat all infections until the end, do not ignore white discharge.

Itching and white plaque - treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies can quickly remove the itch,Burning and remove white discharge. For example, a recipe based on soda, water and iodine is very effective in curing thrush. According to reviews, this solution works even when a white coating appeared on the clitoris. In one liter of boiled water you need to dilute a teaspoon of soda. In this solution, it is good to sit for about half an hour, and after thoroughly rinse the sexual organ with water. The next day, drip a few drops of iodine into the tub and repeat the procedure.
Thrush is usually caused by fungi of the Candida group,Which worsen when immunity is reduced. Any catarrhal diseases, hormones and even violent sex can be the reasons for which the thrush becomes worse and there are secretions. The exact cause can only be qualified.
Attention, hygiene!
White discharge from the clitoris or labia very well removes the soft sponge. Simple measures to care for the intimate area will help get rid of sticking, which is often dangerous white coating on the vagina.

White coating: get rid of the causes and treat thrush

Curing thrush is not as easy as it can beSeem at first sight. Candida fungi are not always amenable to therapy and resistant to certain drugs. The most effective are modern candles and a cream that suppress the vital activity of fungi without harm to the microflora of the vagina. In this case, candles and tablets are worth using in conjunction with immunomodulating agents, adaptogens and biogenic stimulants.

A competent course of treatment prescribed by the doctorGynecologist, and it is necessary to pass it together with the sexual partner. Both a man and a woman are treated, even if the thrush does not manifest itself in the partner. Patience, timely intake of drugs in full and folk medicine can save you from itching, burning, remove the white coating and bring back the joy of healthy safe sex for health.
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