/ / Brown discharge - is it worth to see a doctor? Can Postinor cause brown secretions?

Brown allocation - is it worth to see a doctor? Can Postinor cause brown secretions?

Brown discharge instead of monthly

Each woman has her own individual cycle,When the monthly starts and ends. Brown discharge, having a rich dark shade that begins in a woman outside the cycle, can be considered anomalous. Any woman will be disturbed by the situation when the men do not come, and instead of the blood there are lumps of mucus from light brown to dark, with black clots, and even if they have an unpleasant smell.

When the vaginal discharge can be called harmless?
  1. The cycle of the girl did not have time to settle and the monthly runs irregularly.
  2. The lady is at the age after 40 years, when theoretically on any day the menstruation can stop and the menopause begin.
  3. After a stormy sex (can begin literally the next day).
  4. There was a pregnancy.
Attention, feeding!
During lactation, especially after sex, a womanMay notice a selection of light brown to cream tones. The matter is that the uterus at feeding is reduced and from the vagina, liquid or thick mucus can come out every day in a small volume. The pain is not felt, and brown amounts do not affect the quantity or milk quality.

Brown discharge during pregnancy

Dark brown discharge from vagina unclearNature may well appear when pregnancy has come: the embryo begins to form and the endometrium flakes out of the uterus in a small amount. But instead of the desired pregnancy, the color separation of coffee can signal an ectopic pregnancy. In this situation, to the mucous lumps are often added severe pain in the lower abdomen, nausea and even dizziness. In this situation, consult a doctor on the same day!
Be careful, pregnancy!
When you saw the long-awaited two stripes,Go to a gynecologist's consultation with a survey of the vagina and all organs of the small pelvis on the ultrasound machine. This will eliminate any deviations from the norm, cure the discharge and bear a child with an easy heart.

Brown discharge without pain and odor

Sometimes women complain about smearing withoutPain and smell on the background of taking hormonal drugs. For example, they include such drugs as Postinor or Angelica. Postinor is taken as an emergency measure against unwanted pregnancy with unprotected sex. And the second is prescribed to women aged as a prophylaxis for a milder course of menopause, to remove sweating, swings from heat to cold, nausea. But to accept neither Postinor nor Angelica without appointment it is impossible - unreasonable use can seriously do much harm to an organism of the woman.

Dark brown spotting from the vaginaAre manifested due to a decrease in the activity of the ovaries, and can last even three to four months. If the menstruation did not come on the right day, and the secretions occurred against the background of taking medications - you need to urgently consult a doctor, and you may have to change the drug to another.
Reason to undergo examination!
Brown discharge, especially if the color is thick andDark, which occur without pronounced pain and odor, can cause hormonal disorders in the body and diabetes. Is the excretion long and lasts longer than a week? Go to the gynecological examination!

Brown discharge: causes and treatment

It happens that brown spotting and anyDark color is a direct signal about the onset of a serious illness. In particular, when the excretion appears in the middle of the cycle instead of the monthly ones, one can speak about the presence in the body of a benign neoplasm (myoma) or because of endometriosis.
In venereal diseases - gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and trichomoniasis, a woman can notice "current" fluid discharge with brown patches.
What other diseases provoke excretion?
  • Any surgery on the uterus (abortion, cyst removal). In addition to the "smear" rehabilitation can be accompanied by a temperature of 37 and above.
  • Inflammatory process in the organs of the small pelvis.
  • Diseases of the cervix: a tumor, erosion, cancer.
Treatment of spotting discharges is prescribed only by a doctor after a thorough examination. Sometimes the therapy includes hormone leveling, antibacterial drugs.

Remember: Do not bring the situation to a critical point. Did you feel the pain? There were rezi? Is the color of the secretions too dark? Do you drink Postinor from time to time? Timely treatment of the doctor is a guarantee of effective treatment, rapid recovery and the return of quality of life, including sex with a loved one.
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