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What is a widow or buffalo hump, why does it appear on the neck and how to get rid of it with the help of a massage?

He is called a widow, a salthorse or buffalo hump, a withers, and also the neck of an accountant. In all cases, it is a non-aesthetic and health-threatening build-up on the neck.

As a rule, from the widow's hump, women sufferAt the age of forty, who are overweight. Many would like to get rid of it. Now it is possible even at home. But, before proceeding to eliminate this defect, let's understand the nature of this build-up. After all, any treatment should be started only after the factors of the onset of the disease have been established.

What is the widow's hump?

The water hump is a fatty deposit,Which accumulate in the region of the protruder when the head is tilted forward - the seventh cervical vertebra. This hump is visible to the naked eye. Problems with the spine can occur in people at any age, but the likelihood of a cervical hump increases when you reach forty.
In addition to the fact that the build-up on the neck does not lookAesthetically, it also affects the state of human health. In particular, there are pain and numbness in the collar zone, mobility decreases: it becomes difficult for a person to turn their necks-it's easier to turn the body.

Hump ​​on the neck - reasons:

There are several reasons for its occurrence:
  • Features of nutrition;
  • A lack or an overabundance of physical exertion;
  • bad habits;
  • Trauma, disease;
  • Other reasons.
Sedentary lifestyle and malnutritionProvoke a disease associated with bone thinning - osteoporosis. The lack of calcium in the bones causes deformation of the spine, as a result of which the vertebrae protrude and form hump.
As mentioned above, the appearance of fatty or salineA build-up on the neck provokes several reasons. This may be a trauma in the spinal column, for example, bruise, fracture or fracture, including incomplete, dislocation of the cervical vertebra, rupture of the spinal cord, degenerative pathologies in the cervical spine.

In addition, the hump can grow on the backgroundHormonal changes in menopause in women. Also, some diseases are provoking its growth. For example, with Bechterew's disease, calcium salts, accumulating in the vertebral ligaments, cause the deposition of salts. It is this hump that is called saline.
Also, the vertebrae in the cervical region sometimes protrudeBecause of the increased work of the adrenal glands or due to osteochondrosis of the spine. Thus, the appearance of a hump can be a consequence of serious pathologies in the body.

How to get rid of the hump on the neck?

In the fight against the buffalo hump, it helps very wellMassage of the collar zone. After regular sessions, the build-up decreases in size, and then completely disappears. A competent massage also relieves pain and restores neck mobility.

To soften the tissues before a home massageIt is recommended to take a warm bath with baking soda in the proportion of 200 g of soda per 1 liter of water. This solution should be poured into the bath and take it for 15 minutes. You can also use infusion of chamomile in the proportion of 100 g of grass per 1 liter of water.
Instead of a bath, you can warm up before a massagecompress. To do this, you need to wet the towel in hot water, put it on the problem area and hold for 15-20 minutes. To wipe a towel also it is possible a solution of soda or infusion of a camomile, a neetle or other grasses possessing calming effect.
For massage it is not necessary to involve one moreRights. Massage against the buffalo hump can be done independently. It is done by intense circular motions, also patting, pinching and pushing movements are good. Of course, to remove the problematic place in this way will not happen right away - the massage has a cumulative effect.
It is also recommended to use electricMassagers and applicator Kuznetsova, which has the effect of acupuncture. In clinics and massage parlors, shock-wave therapy devices are used. Such treatment should be conducted by courses: 5 sessions with a break in a week. Shockwave therapy improves blood circulation and skin tone. All these methods are good, but when you massage, you should avoid strong pain.

Preventive measures against the widow's hump

If most women in your family have early orLate there was a widow hump, you can take preventive measures that will help prevent this trouble, because it has a hereditary character. Such measures include:
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • Observance of posture;
  • physiotherapy.

If you have fat or salt deposits in the area of ​​the seventh cervical vertebra - it does not matter. With the right approach from ugly hump on the neck can get rid of. Be healthy!
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