/ Armpits scratch. Photos of redness and rashes under the armpits. The causes of itching in the armpits and how to treat it.

They scratch their armpits. Photos of redness and rashes under the armpits. The causes of itching in the armpits and how to treat it.

People rarely think about what is happeningThem under the arms. For care use at best a razor and a deodorant. And many are perplexed by various skin problems in this delicate area. Rash, redness and itchy armpits - discomfort, making life unbearable. Symptoms and causes of red spots, rashes and scratches in the armpit, as well as home methods for treating this ailment are described in the article.

Redness and itching under the armpits

There are many problems associated with the zone of the armpit. Among them:
  • irritation;
  • rash;
  • Itching;
  • Red spot.
On the photo redness of the armpit. The color of the spots can be different, depending on the cause of the appearance. If you turn to a doctor in time, he will prescribe the right treatment. You can not think that the problem will pass by itself. Red is just the beginning. Running cases can lead to surgery.

Skin rashes under the armpits

A red rash often occurs in adults, but also in children. Conditionally, all the rashes are divided into several types:
  1. Spot - does not protrude above the surface of the skin (white, red or brown).
  2. The blister is a small dense and rough bladder.
  3. Pimple is a small red formation, a rash.
  4. Papula - nodal process of epithelium (the size from the ear of the pin to the lentil).
  5. Bubble is a large or small cavity with pus.
  6. Erosion and ulcer - deep lesions of the cover with secreted fluid.
  7. A crust is a dried up part of the tissue at the stage of recovery.
The appearance of a red rash, itchy or not, is associated with a specific viral or other illness. Only an attending dermatologist can establish an accurate diagnosis.

Itching under the arms - reasons

Many people worry about the unbearable itchiness under the arms. The reasons for it are divided into 2 types:
  • External;
  • Internal.

External factors of the scratched armpits

Synthetic clothing with narrow sleeves rubs the area of ​​the armpits, as a result of which there appear flaky red spots. The condition worsens if a person has severe sweating.
Itching also appears due to poor hygiene. If you do not take a shower regularly, especially in the summer, whole colonies of microbes will settle on the skin. Sometimes the patient does not suspect the problem for a long time. At the chronic stage, red or bluish spots appear.
A dull razor can cut a delicate surfacearmpits. If you do not treat the wound with an antiseptic, it will get an infection. As a consequence, red spots or acne. Without immediate treatment, surgery will be required in a week. Even men and women who make epilation neatly, often get irritation, accompanied by severe itching.
Most deodorants can causeAllergic rashes and itching under the armpits. Causes in the chemical composition of antiperspirants, which negatively affects the sensitive skin. The same applies to soap products.

Internal factors of the scratched armpits

If a person is overly active sebaceous glands, as in the photo below, he always risks getting a fungal infection. Coupled with other negative factors, this process is accelerating.

There are microbes for almost everyone, but they begin to multiply actively and scratch only in special cases. Low immunity can be a trigger for the development of an unpleasant disease.
Oncological diseases at the first stages often lead to itchy armpits. Also, the cause may be heredity, impaired metabolism or hormonal failure. For example, in pregnant women.

How to get rid of redness under the armpits?

To understand how to get rid of redness underQuickly, you need to know the reason. People who cure red from irritation with a razor should find alternative ways of epilation. For example, a soft cream or gel, depilatory.
As soon as redness appeared under the arms,You need to remember urgently about hygiene. And use only hypoallergenic cosmetics. The composition should be calming herbs - aloe, chamomile, string, calendula or tea tree. Lotion from mint or sage tincture is also effective against red spots in the armpits. The itch eliminates vinegar and lemon juice.
If folk methods do not help, it is urgentTo address to the dermatologist. Skin rashes under the armpits or redness usually indicate deep problems in the body. Serious consequences of skin infection are better prevented at an early stage. Be healthy!
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