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Minus the size of the month: how is it possible

It is known that one of the most important conditionsWeight loss is the rationalization of nutrition and the normalization of metabolism. Most methods of losing weight mean adhering to strict diets that exclude the use of high-calorie foods, which can introduce even the most positive person into a depressed state. With this situation I had to face. Particular weight was given to the postpartum condition: the kilograms collected during pregnancy did not just go away, but were added every day.

Lose weight without harm to health

Initially, I tried to diet, but afterA sharp rejection of the usual food (at the time of pregnancy everything that I wanted without restrictions) felt a deterioration, both physical and moral. The organism has failed in the work of the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems, having experienced severe stress. As a result - to lose hateful pounds did not work, there was a sense of detachment from everything, than before with pleasure was engaged. In this difficult period for me, I decided to visit the Moscow medical center "Serso", organized by Academician S. Smelov.
The basis of the center's methodology is normalizationMetabolism, a complete change in the habitual diet. It is supposed not to give up food, thereby exhausting your body, and to get rid of weight comfortably and stably, living a full life. Participants in the technique did not need to load themselves with physical exercises, constantly count calories. After several visits for myself, I noted that I no longer feel the decline of moral strength.
Many corrective programs do not bringDue to the effect, since the nerve centers in the brain that are responsible for the manifestation of the food reflex can not be controlled by medication. The way out of the situation is not grueling loads on the body or surgical interventions, but psychotherapeutic techniques called weight psychocorrection.

The method of psychological correction of weight by Smelov

Psycho-corrective programs are based onScientific methods that represent the impact on the mental centers of the patient's brain and, accordingly, the body itself. This verbal suggestion and the application of certain actions that help to achieve a therapeutic effect and the desired result. The body gradually begins to rebuild, because of which the violation of the exchange of fats is eliminated, and the kilograms are gone. The more a person weighs, the faster the excess weight will go. Many of those with whom I visited the medical center, threw off for 3 months almost 30% of the original mass.
After several sessions I felt myselfThe effectiveness of the corrective program, but my goal was even faster to get rid of the weight gained during pregnancy and again feel like a woman, wear your favorite clothes, catch the admiring glances of others. A colleague at work advised me to get acquainted on the site http: // смеловпохудение.рф/ with the training conducted by the same S. Smelov, already known to me by the medical center "Serso". She did not think for a minute, since this person helped many people with their weight problem, besides, moving forward, he created a new, more advanced way to lose weight quickly and effectively without harm to health and psyche.

A unique modern technique

According to Smelov's new program, you can quicklyLose weight at home. Do not need a strict restriction in nutrition, the use of special drugs and medication. Training does not imply carrying out regular power loads, the participant of the program will quickly and effectively lose weight without experiencing moral and physical discomfort. And it really was noticeable: the colleague looked not just thinner, but also radiant, younger. From this result, I cheered up, because my desired goal - to lose weight by one size in a month - has become real. Training is the ideal way to get rid of hated kilograms for those who do not have the opportunity to pay attention to making a low-calorie diet or to reduce the amount of food consumed (active work, hourly meals).

Fast and safe weight loss

You should pay attention to modernSlimming programs, because the problem of excessive weight is now relevant, and many pseudoscientific directions only promise to cure this ailment. Various trainers-psychologists and so-called healers offer their services for a considerable amount, and as a result, people do not get answers to the question of how to lose weight. Moreover - when visiting such "specialists", you can seriously harm your health. In my case, I did not experience the result, since Academician Smelov is known for his rich experience in working in a specialized medical center.

Now his program has become moreImproved and in-depth, and the achievement of the goal through truly effective treatment. Training is aimed at rapid weight loss: for a month you can achieve incredible results without harm to the body. Despite the novelty of the technique, many felt the whole of its effectiveness, having remained completely satisfied with the result - for 2 weeks about 8 kg!

Change your life for the better - it's easy!

To purchase a slim figure and a smartThe body needs not only to change its attitude towards food, eating healthy and tasty foods, but also to accelerate the metabolism in the body. Restricting nutrition by time will help to get rid of a few kilograms for a while, adding significant health problems and causing severe depression.

Academician Smelov, based on his long-standingExperience in conducting effective methods for weight loss, created a training program, unlike all previous ones. Thanks to them, you can get rid of fat deposits in a short time, without harm to the stomach and psyche. Everyone has the right to throw off the burden of unnecessary ones and get rid of complexes and fears!

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