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Eat correctly: the five rules for healthy digestion

Periodic discomfort in the stomach and intestines -The problem of a passive lifestyle, full of stress, quick snacks and numerous cups of coffee. To get rid of spasms and blisters will help five rules that are worth making daily habits.

First of all, you should enter in the dietFermented products. Sauerkraut and vegetables, soaked apples, homemade yogurts - easily digestible food for the gastrointestinal tract. Fermentation produces "preliminary preparation" of products, releasing the maximum of nutrients.

Another component of a full menu - dishesFrom chicken meat, eggs, cottage cheese, spinach, beets. In addition to valuable protein and vitamins, they contain glutamine. This amino acid is necessary for the body - it participates in the synthesis of folic acid and serotonin, strengthens immunity, removes intoxication, restores the "suction" function of the intestine.

The remaining three rules obey a simpleFormula - little, evenly, balanced. For normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, 200 grams of food per session is sufficient. Meals should be not only fractional, but also frequent - it will relieve the feeling of hunger and the need to "seize" a useful dish with dessert or fast food.

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