/ / A hard abdomen in a person is a disease or a consequence of a deviation from a diet: how to get rid of a rigid stomach.

A hard abdomen in a person is a disease or a consequence of a deviation from a diet: how to get rid of a rigid stomach.

A hard stomach can cause discomfort for everyone: a man, a woman and even a child. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Let's take a look at the problem of a firm stomach more.

The woman's firm abdomen

Many women complain of heaviness in the abdominalCavity, supposedly this part of the body suddenly became large, hard and swollen. But often the cause of trouble is a banal violation of the principles of healthy eating and enthusiasm for heavy fatty foods, which is not assimilated by the body. Have you eaten buns? Are you tired of yogurts? In this case, the solid inflated bottom, most likely, means a lack of enzymes for digesting products from milk and flour.
Get rid of swollen and hard abdomen in this case is very simple: remove from the diet buns, dairy products, enter the diet of vegetables and take after eating special enzymes.

We are treated with an enema!
Along with the pharmaceuticals perfectly helpsHeal the hard abdomen of the enema. Just fill the pear with water at room temperature: the intestines will quickly clear and you will feel better. And in order not to continue to cause problems, and not to ask: why everything happened, eat all the food slowly, chewing every piece, and do not drink water with water in large quantities.

A firm abdomen in pregnancy

Another thing is if the lower abdomen has become firm andBloated in women in the first weeks of pregnancy. This can be a signal of a dangerous pathology - hypertension of the uterus, which can lead to the termination of pregnancy and the loss of the child.
At later dates - about 25-27 weeks -Strained and hard abdomen often indicates the beginning of "training fights" - so the body is prepared to give birth. And in the last trimester - at 38-39 weeks, this part of the body can become tight and hard (and even a little sick) already because of the proximity of the birth.

A firm tummy in a newborn

The first months of the baby's life are the most responsible. During this period the newborn can be tortured by colic, which he suffers very hard, knocks and weeps bitterly. The cause of bloating of the baby's belly, when it becomes tight and hard to the touch, can be explained simply: the digestive system of the baby is not fully formed and hardly digests food, which makes the geese constantly digesting in the intestines.
Helping a kid to cope with the problem is easy: Just do a slight tummy massage clockwise, do some simple exercises, bending and unbending the legs, give a special cure for colic. Conventional dill water is also a proven and very effective remedy for bloating in babies.
About the benefits of water.
Water procedures provide invaluable assistance inThe fight against intestinal colic. Proved: from systematic bathing, the swollen abdomen relieves faster of the accumulated gases, and the colic leaves. Especially beneficial is bathing in the water with decoctions of flowers of chamomile, string or potassium permanganate.

Hard abdomen of a man

Men by the age of 40 very often acquireA big ugly belly, which they like to call "labor corn." However, there is nothing to do with it. Much more often the reason for the appearance of a huge swollen abdomen in a representative of the stronger sex - gluttony, addiction to foamy drinks and a sedentary lifestyle. Diet and sports in these cases - the best remedy for a large "labor corn", interferes with a full life (including sexual).

However, it happens that a large, hard abdominal cavity of a person is evidence of pathology and global malfunctioning of the body.
The reasons why the stomach becomes stone:
  1. Attack of appendicitis.
  2. Gastric ulcer (and even cancer).
  3. Diseases of the liver.
  4. Ectopic pregnancy.
  5. Disorders of the blood vessel, located on the abdominal wall.
  6. The abscesses.
  7. Cholelithiasis.
  8. Peritonitis.
  9. Oncology.
  10. Ascites of the abdominal cavity (dropsy).
If you are leading a healthy lifestyle, but have noticed,that the "stony" abdomen is growing, and even after a diet it is tight and swollen, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Any disease, as physicians rightly remark, is effectively treated exclusively at the early stages. Health to you, beautiful and tight belly!
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