/ How to correct your posture? Exercises for good posture and in adulthood.

How to correct your posture? Exercises for good posture and in adulthood.

Curvature of posture is a problem both forYoung, and for the older generation. The uneven back not only looks unaesthetic, but can also cause complications in the body - the displacement of organs.

Causes of curvature of posture

The causes of uneven back can be attributedA sedentary lifestyle and an incorrect position of the body as a result of walking or sitting. Sometimes the postural curvature occurs during pregnancy, obesity, or serious illness.
The importance of a flat back:
  • Straight posture keeps the musculoskeletal system, preventing pain in the joints.
  • The back is responsible for regulating the work of the muscles.
  • Smooth spine reduces the risk of damage to the ligaments.
If you doubt whether your posture is straight,It's time to check your back. Visually, the head and trunk should form a single vertical axis, the thorax slightly protruding forward, and the shoulder blades being pulled from the rear. Evidence of a flat back - comfortable standing in a standing position without effort.
Check your posture is quite simple: Just stand with your back to the wall and touch the surface with the back of your head. The palm should pass freely between the waist and the wall, otherwise the spine protrudes slightly forward - and this is an abnormal position of posture.

How to correct your posture independently?

There are several ways to correct posture. One of the most effective is the complex of exercises:
  • Take a reclining position on the floor, placing everythingParts of the body in a vertical plane. Helping yourself with your hands, start to climb up to the critical point. Lock the position for a few seconds, then lower the trunk down. Repeat the rises about 20 times.
  • From a similar position, but with the support of the leftHands on a horizontal surface, climb upward with a fixation at the end point. Repeat the exercise 15 more times, remembering to change the limb support.
  • Take the standing position, pull back the head slightlyBack, pulling his chin toward the neck. Raise your shoulders up, lock in, and lower them again as low as possible. The number of repetitions is 15 to 25 times.
  • Sit on the floor and put your hands on your hips. Begin to rise upward, keeping the buttocks in a fixed position. Feel the tension, and then go down. Repeat the complex of ups and downs 20 times.
Useful tips for correcting posture:
  1. When working at the table, stretch your legs as far as possible - the hips should be just above the knees.
    On a note! Throwing a foot on a leg, you break a posture and warp a trunk one way.
  2. When preparing food in the kitchen, tryTake a sitting position. This is due to the fact that the low table forces you to bend over the products, which only harms the posture. In addition, cooking food is a little more comfortable.
  3. When you need to transfer packages, it is advisable to fit them in one hand, and after a while shift the burden to the other hand. Do not carry weights in both hands.
  4. When choosing shoes, give preference to models in miniature heels. Do not try to choose a huge heel and even more so the studs.
  5. Standing in one place, distribute the weight of the body on both legs, not shifting the center of gravity in one direction.

How to fix posture in 30 years?

In adulthood, it is difficult for a person to correct his posture with exercises alone. A tight bandage or back supporting corset comes to the rescue.

The corrector does not cause any inconvenience during wearing. Corset easily fits under the clothes and it is not visible in everyday life. The belt spreads the chest and reduces the shoulder blades, giving the back a perfectly flat position.
The advantages of wearing an elastic corrector:
  • Correction of stoop and other problems with the spine;
  • Maintenance and strengthening of the muscular tissues of the back;
  • Increased oxygen within the body;
  • Relieving tension from the thoracic and dorsal muscles during physical activity;
  • Elimination of physiological defects.
Attention! You do not need to wear the proofreader longer than the deadline. The corset does not exempt from performing a set of exercises.
Gone are the days when instead of a corset we used a frame made of gypsum. Modern elastic structures allow air to pass through and do not constrain the person during movement.
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