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Yellow palms - the reason. The main reasons for which the palms turn yellow?

Many people are worried about the question "Why do they turn yellow?"Palms? ». Most often, pronounced yellowness of the skin is observed in the morning. To determine the exact cause of this pigmentation, you need to undergo a medical examination. In modern medical centers there is everything necessary for this. Yellow palms and feet can be the first sign of the development of serious diseases in the body.

The reasons for the change in the shade of the skin of the palms

The most common causes of yellowness of the hands are:
  • Wrong, sedentary lifestyle;
  • Lack of vitamins and trace elements;
  • Bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • Malnutrition.
If all of the listed causes of yellowness of the hands inYour case can be excluded, so you need to see a medical specialist. The thing is that the skin is a kind of mirror of the whole organism. The slightest disturbances and changes in the work of organs and systems of the body can manifest themselves on the skin.

Skin yellowness is the first sign of a serious illness

Orange spots can appear on the palms andFeet in both an adult and a child. This produces a large amount of a special pigment - bilirubin, which is a consequence of the breakdown of hemoglobin. This element is very important for the health of the blood, as it is responsible for the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Palms and fingers with orange spots in the adult can be considered as signs of the following diseases:
  1. False jaundice. This diagnosis can be given to you by the therapist after the initial examination of the skin. What does it mean? In the disease there is nothing terrible, since it manifests itself only externally. All organs and systems remain perfectly healthy at the same time. It is recommended to revise your diet. Palms can turn yellow if you eat a lot of citrus or carrots, thereby accumulating too much carotene in your blood.
  2. The effect of smoking. All smokers have yellow spots on their hands. It is known that nicotine has a very negative impact on human health. With frequent smoking, not only the pigmentation of the skin, but also the color of the teeth and nails, can change. Not only does this look unaesthetic, it also harms the internal organs.
  3. Cirrhosis of the liver. This is a very dangerous disease, which is also accompanied by the appearance of yellow spots on the palms and soles of the feet. If, in addition to external symptoms, you often feel dry mouth, nausea, quickly get tired, you must immediately go through a full medical examination. The fingers of the hands with cirrhosis are very much depleted and lose weight.

Why does the child have yellow palms?

The causes of skin pigmentation changes in the baby canBe a few. Most often they are completely innocuous. Reconsider the baby food. Perhaps, it contains too many products with a high content of carotene. Changes in pigmentation can also be inherited.
For full confidence in the health of the child is better to consult with a specialist and hand over all the necessary tests. Yellow spots on the skin can indicate problems with the liver or bile.

Other causes of yellowness of the palms

The color of the palms in people can vary in matureAge. This is due to natural changes in the aging body. In addition, in the elderly people often have orange or brown pigment spots on their hands. This is quite normal and safe.
Among the dangerous diseases accompanied byYellowing of the skin, you can distinguish cyst, Gilbert's syndrome, the presence of infection or parasites in the body. If you have any suspicions or feel unwell, take a medical examination immediately. Timely treatment will avoid serious health and weight problems.
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