/ / Salt deposits on the neck: causes of salt deposits, proper massage

Salt deposition on the neck: causes of salt deposits, proper massage

The deposition of salts or osteochondrosis of the spine is a violation of the working capacity of the cervical region due to the pinched nerves.

The causes of the deposition of salts on the neck

The problem is the overwhelming majority of people. But this trouble is easily solved with the help of therapeutic massage or folk remedies. It's time to learn about the deposition of salts on the neck in more detail.
Causes of cramping of cervical vertebrae:
  • A sedentary or sedentary lifestyle.
    Problems with the departments of the spine grow fromImproper work at the computer or lack of physical activity. Lowered head becomes the source of involuntary compression of nerve endings on the neck, and this is the direct path to osteochondrosis.
  • Finding the muscles of the neck in a stationary state.
    Adapting to the monotonous position of the neck leads to the deposition of salts. In this case, the symptom may not immediately manifest itself, but may appear after a certain time.
  • Injuries of the spine.
    Muscles of the cervical spine act as a connecting link of the head with the spine, and so the disturbance in one part leads to the accumulation of salts in the other.
In the absence of a timely set of measures forElimination of osteochondrosis, the symptoms of an ailment only increase, developing into a pain threshold. Vertebrae fuse in the wrong position, and the tubercle on the neck begins to resemble a convex hump.

Massage when salt is deposited on the neck

In limiting the performance of the cervical department, manual therapists are advised to perform a set of exercises:

Exercise number 1.

Adopt a sitting position by placing a palmRight hand on the left side of the head. A small effort should help to tilt the head to the right, while the left arm with the body stretches slightly down. Do not round your back, lower your shoulders as low as possible. At the critical point, the trunk is fixed for 30 seconds, after which the exercise is repeated for the other half of the head.

Exercise number 2.

Sit opposite the wall and pull your arms up. Then, leaning your forearms against the wall, lower your head, and begin to bend forward along the trajectory downward. Try to stretch the whole body. At the end point, wait a few seconds.

Exercise number 3.

Take a sitting position, straighten your back andPut your hands behind the back of your head. Begin slowly lowering your chin to your chest. As soon as you reach the touch of the body, stay in this position for 15 seconds, and then again unbend.

Exercise 4.

From a standing position with backhanded handsBegin to drag first in one, and then in the other direction. The left wrist wraps the right wrist or vice versa, as it is more convenient. Exercise involves the lateral muscles of the neck and helps to get rid of the hump.

Council. After doing a stretching exercise, massage the areas of the spine and press on the cervical section.

Treatment of salt deposits on the neck with folk remedies

Massage and sports complex can be supplemented with treatment of osteochondrosis using traditional medicine methods:
  1. Honey-salt compress.
    Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of flower honey and the same amount of table salt. Mix the formulations in a single slurry, and then lay it on gauze, creating a tight bandage. Apply a compress to the cervical region, wrapping the area with a warm scarf.
  2. Decoction of beans.
    Pour 1 liter of water into a saucepan, after whichAdd 5 tablespoons of beans. Ready-made broth in the container is wrapped in a warm cloth for 8-12 hours. After straining, the remedy can be taken orally - about 400 ml per day.
  3. Pork fat and honey.
    Prepare 100 gr. Lard, honey, alcohol and vinegar. Mix the ingredients in a common slurry and lubricate it with the damaged areas of the neck. Salo helps to get rid of the accumulation of salts in the spine.
With severe pain in the neck, it is recommended to consult a doctor, so as not to aggravate the problem. In other cases, the above described methods of treatment help.
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