/ / Lymph nodes on the neck became inflamed - what should I do? Causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck

Lymph nodes on the neck became inflamed - what should I do? Causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck

Lymph nodes are responsible for the safety of ourImmune system. Their duties include confronting bacteria, viruses and other unpleasant "guests" of the body. Nodal parts of the lymph are located in the neck, underarms and groin.

Causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck

When cervical lymph nodes are petrified, immediate measures should be taken since This is one of the most vulnerable places on the human body. The causes of inflammation on the neck can be the following:
  • Infections - the diseases smoothly flow into the cervical region;
  • Weak immunity - the problem affects the lymph;
  • Oncological diseases - pulling for themselves lymphatic inflammation;
  • Lymph node involvement is the main cause of the problem.
The organism is in serious danger: a person starts to have a headache, weakness in the joints, sometimes nausea.
The complete list of symptoms of inflammation of the lymph nodes:
  • temperature increase;
  • Jerk pain in the neck;
  • Development of an edema near the ear;
  • Weakness of the body, depression;
  • Problems with the digestive tract (sometimes).
During the fossilization of the lymph nodes, the patient begins pain in the ear, the submaxillary region, but more often in the neck region.

Attention! Unimportant state of health is a good reason for contacting a dermatologist. Lovers of folk methods of treatment can resort to herbal infusions, but sometimes the treatment of inflammation is possible only with medications.

Causes of inflammation of lymph nodes in men in the groin

Inguinal lymph nodes act as disinfectantsFilters of lymph, coming from the legs, from the perineum, groin and buttocks. Inguinal nodes are a single branched network of the upper, middle and lower categories of lymph nodes.
Normally the lymph is approximately 1.5 cm in diameter and is not probed. But as soon as solidification sets in, the nodal parts increase to 3, and sometimes up to 6 cm.
Causes of inflammation of lymph nodes in men:
  • Excess of staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli and other venereal pathogens;
  • Suppuration of the skin or scalp in the inguinal zone;
  • venereal diseases;
  • Poisoning the groin with the products of the vital activity of bacteria;
  • The presence of a cancerous tumor in a man.
The aforementioned ailments affect the inguinal nodes of the lymph, creating discomfort in motor activity.
Symptoms of inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes in men:
  1. Increase in size.
  2. Painful sensations when pressing on inflamed parts.
  3. Increase in temperature.
  4. Redness of affected areas.
  5. At movement the inguinal area starts to hurt strongly.
If lymph nodes become hard, you should immediately consult a doctor. Otherwise, the infection can pass to neighboring lymphatic lines.

Inflammation of lymph nodes in colds

A sharp increase can be triggered by a common cold.

Inflammation of lymph nodes is unpleasantThe consequence of ARVI. If a tumor is found in the ear or submaxillary region, it should be borne in mind that neoplasms may not be as dangerous. However, this does not relieve the need to visit a doctor.
Symptoms of petrification of lymph nodes in acute respiratory infections:
  • Detection of elastic knobs;
  • A sharp increase in temperature;
  • headache;
  • Lymph nodes may be sore or pricked;
  • Difficulties with eating.
Viral diseases can affect only oneSide of the trunk or head. If you find a single knob, do not delay the visit to the hospital. Most likely the tumor will progress further. In this case, you will need to undergo an ultrasound examination and visit specialized specialists.
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