/ How to gain weight to a man in record time. Total 3 rules

How to gain weight to a man in record time. Total 3 rules

The problem of male leanness occurs more often thanFeminine completeness. Guys train hard, eat half of the refrigerator in one sitting, but do not get better. What's the catch? How quickly to gain weight to a guy and not fattening? We present a complete guide of purposeful actions for recruiting body weight from scratch.

Why do not the muscles grow? Causes of man's thinness

Before solving the problem, find its source. As the practice of trainers in fitness centers shows, the most common mistake that prevents the recruitment of proper muscle mass is wrong nutrition. More information on nutrition to get better, you will find the information below.
The next catastrophic error is notDaily routine, lack of sleep. And most importantly, that get out of hand, various diseases. 2 out of 10 guys and they do not know that they have problems with endocrine glands, liver or stomach work, which mis-distribute the consumed food. If you are too thin and portions "for two" do not move weight from the place - contact the therapist and take the tests. Maybe you got into this deuce of guys?
Among the reasons for thinness, one can not but note the genetic predisposition and the type of physique - ectomorph. Good news: all problems are solved! And now we will dwell on each point in detail ...

How fast to gain body weight: everything about nutrition for muscle growth

How to plan meals and quickly recoverA man? The first step: the correct concept of healthy and healthy food. By eating every day a pan of fried potatoes with meat, the weight either does not budge, or fat appears instead of the desired muscle.
It is important to understand that the increase in muscle mass of the bodyComes only from a balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At the same time, dietitians and trainers are advised to sit at a table at the same time every day to regulate the metabolism in the body.
Calculate the desired number of nutrientsElements for themselves is easy. There are formulas for counting the daily calories of food eaten, calculating BIO and certain diagrams of the ratio of proteins to fats and carbohydrates, so that the body weight increases.

Counting calories

The minimum error in calorie counting is given by the Harris-Benedict formula, where you need to substitute the values ​​of weight, height and age, and add all the simple math.

66 + (13.7 x weight) + (5 x height) - (6.8 x age) = the number of calories to maintain good health and normal functioning of the body.

Weight we substitute in kilograms, and growth - in centimeters. Age indicate the current, full years.

Suppose you are 185 cm with a weight of 65 kg at the age of 22 years. We get: 66 + (13.7 * 65) + (5 * 185) - (6.8 * 22) = 66 + 890.5 + 925-149.6 = 1731.9 kcal / day

Now multiply the resulting number - 1731.9 by the coefficient of your daily physical activity:

  • Lazy, and a day to fly you play computer games - 1,2
  • A couple of times in 7 days you make an approach to the press - 1.3
  • You spend 3-5 days a week - 1.5
  • Unceasingly sweat in the gym with weights or run for long distances 24/7 - 1.7-1.9

Suppose our fictional character periodically squats, squeezes and pumps the press - we take a coefficient of 1.3 and multiply by the calorie.

1731,9 * 1,3 = 2251,47 kcal - eating a lot of calories per day, you will not lose weight, you will grow fat. But our goal is completely different.

To gain weight to a thin guy, you need to increaseconsumed calories per day by 1.5-2 times, but according to the canons of healthy nutrition. That is, now the entire amount of food eaten per day is: 65-70% protein, 10-15% fat, 20-25% carbohydrates. If the guy is very thin, and the ribs are pierced through the T-shirt, then we increase the carbohydrates by 60-65%, the fats are unchanged, the proteins are 25-30%.

When the first gain of weight appeared, reducedouble the calorie content of the diet so that the total calorie, taking into account physical activity exceeded the norm by 20-30%. In reality, it is about 800-1200 kcal from above, than it should be. Guidance on the planning of nutrition and miscalculation BJU here.

What to eat to gain weight

100% useful and nutritious products of natural origin:

  • Nuts and peanuts (not salted, without seasoning)
  • Pine nuts
  • Pasta "Nutella"
  • Potatoes in the form of mashed potatoes, "in uniform" (fried is not useful because of the large amount of fat, you can not keep within the daily norm of BJU, sitting on fried foods)
  • Cereals and pasta
  • Pork and beef, tenderloin with fat
  • Fat milk: sour cream 25-30%, kefir and ryazhenka 4-5%, yogurts, butter, fatty cottage cheese
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Bitter dark chocolate
  • Milk home
And a few more life hacks, helping to quickly recover a man:
  • Do not drink food and do not drink before meals for half an hour - let the stomach get more food
  • Replace the water with milk. When you want to drink, try milk instead of water
  • Do not mix more than 3 products in one plate: porridge with meat and tomato - excellent, potatoes with chicken, mushrooms, cheese and salad "Olivier" - harmful.
  • Drink coffee with milk or cream

Is before training necessarily!

Yes, yes, many neglect this point and notget better, and then scour the Internet, what went wrong: How to recover a man? It is compulsory, without excuses, to eat a portion of porridge with meat for an hour or two before classes in the gym. It is a fuel for muscle growth and strength.
Imagine that the stomach is a gas tank. How far will you go on 5 liters of fuel?
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Influence of sleep and daily routine to increase lean body mass

Is there a relationship between sleeping and weight gain? Even some! Scientists have long discovered that people recover in their sleep. Therefore, professional athletes have a hard schedule and sleep at least 8 hours with a call out at 22:00. It is the interval from 21-23: 00 to 7-9: 00 most useful for restoring the body, excellent functioning and full recovery after training.
The daily routine is needed for a clear distributiontime for food, sports and recreation. Trying to get better, you should not break the diet and skip breakfast / lunch / dinner, otherwise the attempts will go wrong.

How to gain weight if you are an ectomorph?

A special kind of lean men is an ectomorph. These include Bruce Lee, on whose body you can lecture on human anatomy "We study muscles." Ectomorphs do not have fat, thin and thin bones, there are no muscles - a typical understanding of acne. But this is not a verdict.
For ectomorphs, normal nutrition is not enough. To surely gain weight, you need to take geyners, high-calorie sports cocktails, brewer's yeast, brutalin. Go to a consultation with a professional trainer and ask them to make a nutrition plan with dietary supplements.

Training for thin men

Carrying iron is your calling. Ectomorphs are contraindicated in cardio-operations, since they burn fat. A couple of circular approaches to the simulators - a muscular body is ready.
The rule for thin: you gain 1 kg of weight - you increase the number of repetitions by 10 or weight by 2 kg. Skinny can not work with one weight for more than one week, otherwise there will be relief, but without muscle growth.
The training program for weight gain includes simple basic exercises with dumbbells, deadlift, barbell press, squats with weight. Look at the photo: he could!

Gathering weight to a thin guy is hard work andre-education of one's own body. If you are not ready to rebuild your mind and habits, remain thin and continue to complain about bad genetics. And at this time, beautiful guys with insane relief collect hundreds of compliments from the girls ... The choice is yours!
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