/ / VS chaos mode: how to restore your biorhythms

VS Chaos Mode: How to restore your biorhythms

Lack of a clear daily routine - frequentThe phenomenon of modern life. Stresses, work deadlines, family troubles and household concerns merge into one endless list of cases, which is always short of time. The result is night wakefulness, uneventful meals and an ever-changing regime. Doctors warn - consequences can unpleasantly surprise.

Violation of biological rhythms can leadTo the hormone deficiency melatonin, regulating the aging process and leveling the harmful effects of free radicals. This threatens to exacerbate chronic diseases and the emergence of new ailments, migraines, constant fatigue and reduced immunity. The recipe is simple - to subordinate the sleep time to the light rhythm: to go to bed with the onset of darkness and get up at dawn.

Social jetlag often accompanies mode failures. This phenomenon has certain symptoms: sleep and digestive disorders, impaired working capacity, dizziness and weakness. The so-called "traveler's syndrome" is the consequence of vacations, weekends and holidays. It is easy to eliminate, observing the usual daily routine.

Later dinners are another companion of the disorderlyMode. Hikes to the refrigerator can result in severe forms of obesity, metabolic disorders and depression. A strong night's sleep will relieve the agonizing bouts of hunger and neuroses.

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