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Causes and consequences of weak intimate muscles, how to narrow the vagina?

Who has not heard the expression "pencil in a glass"? Surely you already guessed what is being said. The living Great Russian language is rich in other, equally impressive words and phrases that denote a large vaginal opening. You just admire: a bucket, a black hole, a bottomless cave, a well, a bag and a lot more. Yes, it would be funny if it were not so sad.

What terrible consequences are the weak muscles of the vagina?

It is the weak muscles of the vagina that lead to sensation"A pencil in a glass." The very first consequence that comes to mind is the lack of pleasure from sex. And both a woman and her partner. And this consequence, in turn, has its consequences: the rarity of sexual acts, frustration, decreased libido, feelings of inferiority and even quarrels based on jealousy. This is not a joke.
And what do you say when you learn that with weak intimate muscles you not only will not get pleasure, but can even feel pain?
Pains during sex
Perhaps, not all will be amused by the fact thatWith weakened muscles of the vagina during sex, the sexual organ can absorb a lot of air and at some point sharply release it. Yes, the characteristic sound during sex will not please anyone.
Perhaps you think this is not enough? Then let's continue. The weakening of the vaginal muscles is one of the main causes of urinary incontinence. Yes, you have to go to the toilet very often. In addition, with a strong cough or laughter, a small amount of urine is also released.
Non-Observation of Urine
But here you just stop laughing. If the muscles are weakened very much, there may be a loss of the vagina and the uterus, which in most cases is accompanied by prolapse of the rectum, as well as the bladder.
When the uterus and vagina fall out,Favorable conditions for the penetration of infections into the body. Due to permanent mechanical damage to the genitals, ulcers, bedsores, cervical edema, bleeding occur.
Probably, reading this, you have already forgotten about the pleasure of sex, and the word "hlyupolka" you no longer cheer.

Why does the vaginal wall lose its elasticity?

The problem of weak muscles of the vagina is very common. Many women face it. However, what about these women, when they hear the widespread myths about the causes of the large vagina.


Allegedly the size of the vagina affects the amountsexual partners. No, it does not. Imagine a woman who had 10 sexual partners in 10 years and slept with them once. Obviously, such a way of life will not lead to stretching or weakening of intimate muscles.
As if the thinness (fullness) of a woman is the cause of her large vagina. It is interesting that some talk about thinness as the reason for the weak muscles of the vagina, and others - about the fullness.
In fact, only a very sharp weight losscan lead to flaccidity (of all) muscles, and fullness and weak muscles have a common source - a sluggish lifestyle and muscle tissue atrophy. Thus, the complexion itself is not an indicator of the size and elasticity of the sexual organ of a woman.


As you have already understood, the muscles of the vagina are not weakenedfrom a large number of partners, but from the frequency of sexual acts. And not thinness (fullness) becomes the cause of the problem, but the general weakening of the muscle tone of the body.

Of course, the most common causeweak intimate muscles are multiple births and abortions. In many women, after a while after the first birth, the muscle tone of the vagina is restored, in others - never. After the third birth, the changes become obvious to all women.
The second common cause is changes in the body that occur with age. In women after 55 years there is a loss of elasticity of the vaginal tissues.
The elasticity of intimate muscles can also be affected by frequent colds accompanied by coughing, frequent chronic constipation and heavy physical activity.
Of course, all women are different. Therefore, the predisposition to weakening the vaginal muscles is also different. Some begin to experience problems in only after the birth of the third child or during the menopause, others - at the age of 25.
Causes of weakening of the vaginal muscles:
  • general weakening of muscle tone;
  • frequent sexual intercourse;
  • multiple abortions and childbirth;
  • age;
  • Frequent colds;
  • chronic constipation;
  • excessive physical activity.
Yes, nature can not be argued. But you can stop the changes that have begun and improve the general condition of the muscles of the vagina. And, if you seriously address the issue, you can do even better than it was! But how?

The question is not philosophical or even rhetorical: how to narrow the vagina?

Instead of resigning to their fate and limp along with the flow, it is better to take the situation in their own hands. How do many women who are faced with the problem do this?
Of course, if it comes to getting the uterus, there is only one way out - it's urgent to see a doctor.

Plastic surgery

Many women after the next delivery naturalby turning to plastic surgeons for surgery. After such an operation, one should not sit for a week, so that the seams do not part. About two months you can not have sex. It is also necessary to limit yourself to eating, which can lead to constipation.

Cesarean section

Few women dare to take an expensive andrisky plastic. But a lot of women, trying to maintain the elasticity of their vagina, are asking doctors to make them a cesarean section. Yes, then the muscles of the vagina will receive minimal damage. But on the stomach will remain a scar for life. In addition, when conducting a caesarean section there are risks of high blood loss and trauma to the internal organs. During the healing of wounds after surgery, adhesions between organs and tissues can form. Caesarean section can also lead to chronic pain in the abdomen, intestinal obstruction or even infertility.

But what about the baby? Sometimes a child gets abrasions and cuts during surgery. Would you like to get a small abrasion on the first day of your life? The infant with natural birth squeezes out most of the amniotic fluid from the lungs, and the contractions stimulate his blood circulation. This is not the case with Caesarean section. As a result, the risk of complications with respiratory and cardiovascular systems increases. Sometimes because of general anesthesia during surgery, the baby is born sluggish or with weak breathing.
How to be? The only decision in choosing "cesarean or natural birth" should be the doctor's testimony. No force of the vaginal muscles will not be able to replace the health and well-being of the baby.

Drugs from the Internet

Above we talked about pretty radical solutionsProblems. However, what to do if the changes are not so serious, but still have a negative impact on well-being and self-esteem? On the women's forums you will find many answers to the question "how to narrow the vagina." Here are some of them.
Now on the Internet you can often meetDiscussion of various oriental means for narrowing the vagina: Thai sticks, beads of black cumin and others. But no sensible woman would ever think of putting any suspicious thing out of China on the Internet. You say that it will not be worse? And I'll tell you - it will be. The most innocuous thing that can happen to you is a violation of the microflora of the vagina. This leads not only to discomfort, but increases the risk of infectious diseases.

How do these drugs work? They just irritate the mucous, after which it swells. At the same time during sexual intercourse you can observe a strong secretion of dry skin from the vagina. Are you already scared? And what will your partner do when he sees it?

Means that are treated

If you are going to improve the condition of the musclesvagina, then refer to funds already tested by specialists. To date, the vast expanses of the Internet are full of advertisements for a variety of drugs. Unfortunately, most of these proposals at best will not give the desired effect, and at worst - will leave negative consequences. Therefore, before you try one of the funds on yourself, you need to know in detail the composition and reviews.

There are certified products, efficiencywhich has already been proven by professionals. For example, natural creams and gels that do not dry, do not irritate the mucosa, but are treated. That is treated. One of the best such remedies is Naron Gel. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients - herbs and organic components, which quickly eliminate the problem without damage to health.
  1. Collagen. This protein is an integral part of connective tissue, and due to its replenishment, the walls of the vagina become elastic.
  2. Arginine. Amino acid, which provides nutrition to the tissues of the vagina and improves their quality.
  3. Hyaluronic acid. Promotes the preservation of moisture of the epithelium, increases the elasticity and sensitivity of the vaginal muscles.
  4. Peptin Sin-Hikan. Regulates the function of protein formation, increases sensitivity.
Naron gel, in addition to strengthening the vaginal walls andrestoration of their elasticity, increases excitement. The drug has no age limits. But the most important is the absence of side effects, which can not be said about many other drugs. Unpleasant sensations are completely excluded. A woman will not feel anything new, except boundless pleasure.
The gel can be used in combination with special exercises (for example, Kegel exercises), which will give even more effect. A good effect is also given by yoga or pilates.
Health and quality of intimate life in many waysdepend on the person himself. It is better to give preference to a natural remedy than to get rid of the consequences of an unsuccessful choice. It is better to prevent the problem with conservative methods than to go to doctors and learn about the plasticity of the vagina.

Pencil in a glass? Two trains will disperse? The ball will fly with a whistle? No, it's not about us! We know about all the consequences of weakness of intimate muscles and will do everything to be called only tender words. For our children to be healthy, our husbands - happy, and we - happy.
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