/ / Project "Anti-stress": three principles of acquiring harmony

The project "Antistress": three principles of acquiring harmony

Autumn blues is a condition that is not worth itunderestimate. Despondency and a melancholy mood can spoil a lot of pleasant moments, heat up the family atmosphere and even worsen the state of health. Three rules will help to open the melancholy circle and paint your own life.

The choice of realistic goals is a basic axiom. Psychologists state that doomed are obviously improbable, false "status" and devoid of true importance aspirations. Own life plan should consist of clear and achievable paragraphs, endowed with individual value.

Self-indulgence is another postulate forThose who are tired of the blues. In autumn, do not sit on a hard diet, exhaust yourself with hours of training or storming career highs - at this time of the year the body is extremely vulnerable to stress. It is better to please yourself with your favorite music, fragrant bath, a full sleep or a walk in the sun park.

Sober attitude to the world - the third, but not less thanImportant principle. Do not expect others to do what they can not do - you should learn to accept what they can give. Excessive demands often provoke nervous tension, which can go into the chronic phase. Reducing the intensity of emotions and analyzing the situation - an effective way to overcome obstacles.

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