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Prevention of influenza 2016-2017 and ARVI: medicines for children and adults. How to prevent colds and flu for pregnant women and in the preschool

Every year the influenza virus undergoes variousMutations. As a result, new strains appear, which is why epidemiological indicators are constantly growing. According to the WHO, at the end of 2016 and early 2017, such viruses as A / California (H1N1), A / Hong Kong (H3N2) and B / Brisbane will prevail. Modern strains are dangerous for all categories of the population - adults, children and, especially, pregnant women. Therefore, the prevention of influenza 2016-2017 should include the main preventive measures: vaccination, antiviral medication and personal hygiene.

The most effective means of counteractionThe disease is vaccination, which is usually carried out at various enterprises and in the DOS a month before the expected onset of the epidemic. However, it should be noted that the vaccine does not guarantee 100% protection against influenza, although it significantly reduces the likelihood of infection. To increase the protective properties of the body, it is necessary to resort to the so-called chemoprophylaxis, implying the use of antiviral drugs. Today in medical practice there is a certain set of medicines that are recommended for the prevention of influenza and ARVI.

Effective drugs for the prevention of influenza 2016-2017 in children and adults

Most often, the flu, ARVI and common coldAffect the adult and children's organisms due to weak immunity. Low natural protection is the main factor of susceptibility of the organism to infectious diseases. In this regard, for the preventive effect is recommended taking drugs that can strengthen the immune system and neutralize the effect of malicious viruses. Effective medications for preventing influenza in children and adults include interferon inducers (Arbidol, Amiksin, Neovir, Cycloferon). Due to the effects of these drugs, the body produces its interferon, thereby increasing protection against influenza.
At the initial stage of the disease, a goodAntiviral agents, among them Anaferon, Amiksin, Relenza and Tamiflu. The latter drug is an effective medicine in the fight against swine influenza H1N1 and recommended by the World Health Organization as prevention and treatment of the disease in adults and children. It should be noted that Tamiflu, like most other antiviral drugs, is effective only in the first two days of the disease.

Antiviral drugs are able to have a beneficial effect only at the initial stage of the flu

To restore the broken immunity it is possibleThrough immunomodulators, which are allowed to be taken at any time. Such medicines include Immunal, Lycopid, Bronchomunal. However, there is an opinion that active reception of immunomodulators can lead to a decrease in natural immunity, which is especially dangerous for the child's organism. Therefore, parents should not abuse these drugs during the treatment of their child. As the prevention of childhood influenza it is recommended to use medicines based on echinacea, Chinese magnolia vine, pink radiolabel, eleutherococcus. Vitamin C, contrary to popular belief, is not a means of preventing influenza, although it has good efficacy in case of a common cold in a child and an adult.

What You Can Take For Pregnant To Prevent Influenza 2016-2017

Prevention of influenza in pregnant women requires specialApproach. During pregnancy, the level of interferon in the body decreases, and immunity becomes weaker. Therefore, during epidemics, pregnant women are among the first to fall into the risk group. Any catarrhal disease, acute respiratory infections and, especially, influenza at the stage of primary fetal formation can have the most severe consequences for the child's future. The situation is complicated by the fact that many drugs for influenza, which are recommended to a normal adult, are absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women. The approach to choosing medicines should be very scrupulous. Do not take drugs that contain ethyl alcohol. Also, some synthetic immunomodulators may be dangerous to the fetus.
So what can you take pregnant women for the prevention of influenza? Safe medicines include the following:
  • Grippferon - nasal drops for the prevention of influenza and ARVI, which are not contraindicated in pregnant women. This drug strengthens the immune system and has an antiviral effect.
  • Viferon is a nasal ointment with a protective andImmunomodulating action. It is prescribed for pregnant women, children and adults with low immunity during epidemics of influenza. Allowed for use even in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Ascorbic acid - is used asA synthetic source of vitamin C with insufficient consumption of this element with food. Prevents colds and fights some viral infections that have managed to penetrate the body.
  • Aquamaris is a natural medicine in the form of a spray that moisturizes the nasal mucosa, reducing the likelihood of the virus entering through the nasal cavity.
If prophylaxis has not helped, and the flu stillStruck the body, a pregnant woman should never be engaged in self-medication and take drugs not for the purpose of a specialist. You can always call the doctor on duty home, who will prescribe medications that are safe for the body of the future mother and her baby.

In case of flu, a pregnant woman should immediately consult a doctor

Folk remedies for the prevention of SARS and colds

There are many folk remedies that effectively protect the body against the flu, ARVI and colds, among which are "medicines" such as garlic, aloe juice, rose hips, honey.
Garlic is rich in phytoncides and other activeSubstances, which by their action can destroy various strains of influenza. This product can be taken either inside or placed in a room, cut into small pieces and spread out on plates in different places. One of the most common recipes for fighting the flu is the application of garlic along with honey. To do this, it must be grated and mixed with honey in the same proportion. This mixture should be used one tablespoon before bedtime, washed down with warm boiled water.

Honey can be used for the prevention of influenza and inPure form, as this is the most powerful immunostimulating agent. One of the secrets of the therapeutic effect of this product lies in the way it is used. The fact is that honey loses its useful properties under the influence of high temperature, so it is not recommended to add it to hot tea or milk.
Drink from the rose hip allows you to activateProtective forces of the body. Prepare such a decoction is simple enough. It is necessary to crush the hips of dog rose and pour them with hot water. Then the mixture is set on fire and cooked for 10-15 minutes, after which the broth settles for 10 hours. This tool is recommended to drink during the flu epidemic to all family members - children, adults and even pregnant women.
To stimulate the immune system, juicealoe. To get maximum benefit, you should cut off the lower leaves of an adult plant and put them in the refrigerator for 5 days. After such aging, you can extract juice from the leaves. Such training contributes to the accumulation of unique biostimulants, which increase the healing effect by an order of magnitude.
Such folk remedies for the prevention of SARS andCold can cook everyone. Significant efforts and financial costs they require, but the benefits of these products is invaluable, which is confirmed by many doctors.

Prevention of influenza with the help of folk remedies is an affordable and effective way to fight the disease

Prevention of influenza 2016-2017 in children in DOW: information for parents

Every adult should know how to protect theirChild from the flu. Since the virus can keep infecting capacity for 9 hours, during the epidemic it is necessary to carry out preventive measures especially carefully.
When the DOW is regularly visited, the flu prevention in children is carried out under the supervision of the nurses of the institution and parents. During an epidemic it is necessary:
  • Combine study with rest, do not overwork;
  • Fully nourished;
  • Sufficient time to spend in the open air under the supervision of adults;
  • Do gymnastics in the morning, exercise;
  • It is good to wash your hands before eating;
  • Avoid visiting crowded places;
  • Gargle and rinse your nose 2-3 times a day.
The most effective measure to fight infectionIs vaccination. For the prevention of influenza in the DOW, the vaccination is usually given to children in the beginning of autumn before the expected influenza season. Parents should not worry about the side effects, since the new generation flu vaccine is allowed to apply to both adults and children. Such vaccinations have proved their effectiveness and excellent tolerability.
Taking care of your child's health, adults do notShould forget about themselves. If one of the parents gets sick, then, most likely, the virus infection will affect the children's body. Prevention of influenza 2016-2017 does not provide for any unique measures, it is enough to support the immunity of all family members with the help of the necessary hygiene, traditional medicines and folk remedies. Especially careful about your health is necessary for pregnant women who must strictly follow the recommendations of their doctor. In this case, the probability of contracting a dangerous virus will be low enough.

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