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The secret of health: the top 5 products useful to the liver

The liver is a unique self-cleaning "filter"Relieving the body of toxins and toxins. But the regular use of too fatty and heavy food can reduce the effectiveness of the "protective" body and provoke the appearance of chronic diseases. To prevent a dangerous situation will help five products for the daily diet.

Onions and garlic are rich in allicin - a substance,Which the liver uses to neutralize and destroy the molecules of toxic compounds. In addition, allicin has bactericidal properties, being a kind of detoxifier for internal organs.

Green tea is an indispensable source of catechins. These natural antioxidants help the liver fight the devastating effects of many toxins.

Curcuma, zira and curry - not just fashionableEastern spices, but also natural storages of curcumin - polyphenol, which removes carcinogens from the liver and promotes the regeneration of damaged organ cells.

Walnuts - a storehouse of useful substances: unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. But glutathione is especially important - it performs the function of the "regulator" of the hepatic filter.

From seasonal vegetables are especially valuable pumpkin and cauliflower - they contain substances that strengthen the liver tissue and improve the "output" functions of the body.

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