/ / Treatment of influenza 2016-2017 and ARVI in the home: drugs inexpensive and folk remedies. Komarovsky: treatment of influenza in children

Treatment of influenza 2016-2017 and ARVI in the home: drugs inexpensive and folk remedies. Komarovsky: treatment of influenza in children

Influenza is the most common respiratoryA viral infection that causes epidemics every year. Almost every adult is familiar with this ailment, children often suffer from it. The virus itself is not so dangerous for the human body, but the complications that it can cause can have very negative consequences. That is why the treatment of influenza should be carried out without delay with the use of effective drugs. In most cases, this disease and other types of SARS can be cured at home using inexpensive drugs, although in some situations, serious medical treatment in hospital may be required. In addition to traditional treatment, folk remedies are often used to suppress influenza, which sometimes are not inferior to the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.

Treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza 2016-2017 at home in children and adults

To distinguish the flu from a common cold at home orYour child can be any adult. To do this, it is sufficient to analyze the symptoms observed in the first hours of the disease. After the incubation period has expired, during which the virus "settles" in the body, the person's body temperature rises sharply to 39-40 ° C, a headache appears, and the general fatigue becomes so pronounced that it is impossible to sustain the habitual pace of life.
The basis of treatment of influenza and ARVI in the homeFor both children and adults, there is a bed rest, the term of which depends on the general condition of the patient and the age category. Severe forms of influenza are most commonly found in children and people of retirement age. For this category, bed rest before full recovery is critically important. Nevertheless, even adults who do not have chronic diseases and have, at first glance, a strong body, it is highly advisable not to carry the flu on their feet. Treatment in conditions of constant movement in the absence of proper medicines can cause serious complications, among which:
  • pneumonia;
  • Inflammation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract;
  • Vascular injury;
  • Damage to the nervous system;
  • Inflammation of the meninges;
  • Muscle complications;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Influenza is dangerous for its complications for both children and adults

To avoid dangerous consequences, treatmentFlu and SARS at home should be accompanied by a doctor's call, which is especially important in case of illness of children, although adults are also not recommended to self-medicate. It is impossible to independently determine how deeply the virus has penetrated the body. Only a specialist can draw conclusions about the degree of damage to certain organs, in particular the respiratory tract, and prescribe effective drugs.

Tips for treating flu in children from Dr. Komarovsky

Many parents resort to Dr. Komarovsky's recommendations during his child's illness. Here is what the famous children's doctor and TV presenter advises for the effective treatment of influenza in children:
  1. The child should be warmly dressed, while in the roomIt is important to observe the optimum air temperature (18-20 ° C) and humidity (50-70%). For this, adults should regularly perform wet cleaning and ventilate the premises.
  2. Do not force a sick child to eat. If you have an appetite, the food should be light, liquid and carbohydrate.
  3. It is important to drink a lot. Compotes, tea, decoctions, fruit drinks - you can use everything. The temperature of the liquid should be equal to the body temperature.
  4. Regularly rinse the nose with saline solutions.
  5. Refuse from the traditional events that many adults "captured" from the Soviet period - cans, mustard plasters, grinding the body with fat, steam inhalations, etc.
  6. Churn up the temperature only with ibuprofen or paracetamol. For these purposes, it is strongly advised not to use aspirin, which is intended only for the adult body.
  7. If the lower respiratory tract is affected, drugs with antitussive action should not be used.
  8. Influenza and ARVI are not treated with antibiotics, since such drugs only increase the likelihood of complications.
  9. All interferons for internal and topical administration are drugs with very questionable efficacy.
More tips for treating flu in children from Dr. Komarovsky can be seen in the following video:

Inexpensive drugs for the treatment of influenza and SARS 2016-2017

According to the pharmacists themselves, over the past threeFor ten years, there have not appeared any fundamentally new drugs for the treatment of influenza and other viral infections. The difference between expensive drugs and their cheap analogs lies in the convenience of reception, color, taste, smell, that is, in external factors, while the main active substance is absolutely the same, and therefore the final result is no different.
Below are the low-cost preparations for the treatment of influenza and ARVI, as well as their expensive analogues:
  • Acetylsalicylic acid (antipyretic): 14 rub. (Aspirin: 210 rubles.).
  • Galazolin (vasoconstrictor drops for the nose): 56 rubles. (For Nos, Otrivin: 180 rubles).
  • Tincture of echinacea (maintenance of immunity): 100 rub. (Immunal: 250 rubles.).
  • Ambroxol (cough medicine): 72 rub. (Lazolvan, Ambrobene: 380 rubles).
  • Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory drug): 40 rub. (Nurofen: 135 rubles);
  • Paracetamol (antipyretic): 15 rubles. (Panadol: 95 rubles.).
This list does not contain any antiviral drugs.Action. And this is not accidental. The fact is that the effectiveness of such drugs in the treatment of influenza and ARVI is questioned by many doctors. By and large, they can have a beneficial effect only at the initial stage of the disease (during the incubation period), when a person, not important - a child or an adult, does not yet feel the disease to the full and very often does not attach much importance to it. In this case, 2-3 days after infection with influenza, the use of antiviral drugs becomes simply useless.

The effectiveness of antiviral drugs to fight influenza is seriously questioned

Treatment of flu 2016-2017 folk remedies: recipes for a quick recovery

Many adults neglect folk medication,Going to the pharmacy for medicines at the first symptoms of illness in themselves or their child. However, some recipes allow you to get rid of the flu with minimal damage to your health and virtually no financial costs.
Here are a few recipes of folk remedies for fast and effective treatment of influenza:

Folk prescription for influenza № 1

In 1.5 liters of boiled water dissolve 1 dining roomSpoon of large table salt, add 1 gram of ascorbic acid and juice of one lemon. Stir the mixture thoroughly and drink at bedtime for 2 hours. The next morning, flu or cold symptoms will become easier, and the body will recover.

Folk prescription for influenza No. 2

Many adults during the fluSoar your feet. However, few people know that a more effective method is a similar procedure for the hands. To do this, water is poured into the pelvis at a temperature of 37-38 ° C, after which hands are dropped. Further, hot water is gradually added to the container, so that the temperature rises to 41-42 ° C. Keep hands in the water for about 10 minutes, then you should wear warm mittens or gloves, in which you need to stay until the morning. This procedure is especially effective for colds or the initial stage of the flu.

Folk prescription for influenza № 3

Perhaps the most common componentsWhen treating flu, folk remedies are garlic and onions. Ways to use them a large number - from simple eating to making decoctions. And although it is difficult to force children to take such a "medicine", adults tend to use the onions and garlic with pleasure to protect against viral infections. In addition to using these products inside, it is also useful to inhale their vapors. For this, grate should be rubbed with 2-3 cloves of garlic and one onion, after which several times inhale a pungent aroma. Since the influenza virus is mainly concentrated in the airways, the effect of active substances on it will be most effective.

There are many folk remedies and inexpensiveDrugs to combat respiratory viral infections, but one rule is mandatory - the treatment of influenza and SARS in both children and adults should be under the supervision of a specialist. Self-medication at home can lead to serious complications and even death.
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