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Swine flu in Russia in 2016: symptoms. Treatment of swine flu in children and adults (drugs)

Swine flu 2016, taken in a short timeMore than one dozen human lives, is a danger to the population and frightens very many people. In a number of regions of Russia the epidemiological threshold is clearly exceeded: on the assurances of doctors, already more than 80% of patients are infected with influenza or ARVI. What are the symptoms and signs of influenza this year, what to treat it, and what prevention should be, find out in our article.

Swine Flu 2016: Symptoms

In the first stages of the disease in children and adultsVery similar to ARVI or ordinary flu, because the symptoms are actually the same. This is a high temperature (up to 39-40 degrees), and headache, and weakness. Also, diarrhea, abdominal pain, a feeling of nausea, chills and aches in the body are not ruled out. A little later the patient is overcome by a runny nose and a strong cough. However, after a short time (2-3 days), a person infected with the H1N1 virus may experience vomiting, as well as inflammation of the eyes.

Swine influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets. We do not recommend self-treatment - in case of symptoms, immediately call an ambulance. However, do not panic - the disease is treated quite easily, if you contact a doctor in time. Below is a more detailed description of the signs of swine flu in adults and children.

Signs of swine flu in an adult

The main signs of swine flu, manifested in an adult:
  • High body temperature (usually 38-40 degrees)
  • Weakness, chills, body aches, severe sweating
  • Severe headache and dizziness
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Photophobia (photosensitivity), inflammation of the eyes
  • The stuffy nose, sore throat, cough - dry
  • Blood from the nose
  • Chest Pain
It is worth adding that the cough with this form of flu is strong enough. In addition, swine flu can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Signs of swine flu in the child

Pediatric Doctors call on all parents moreClosely monitor the well-being of children. The behavior of a sick child can always be distinguished from the behavior of a healthy child. Small children, having become ill with swine flu, have a high fever and heat. In case your baby's body temperature is 38 degrees or more, immediately call a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. It is not recommended to give children aspirin and other drugs containing it.

Swine Flu 2016: Treatment

If there is an epidemic in your city and the swine flu of 2016 is found among you or your loved ones, do not rush to panic. Be sure to observe the following recommendations:
  1. Every day, drink as much liquid as possible. In addition to clean drinking water, use herbal tea, lemon or raspberry, as well as compote or mors.
  2. Most often spend time in bed.
  3. Call a doctor at your home, especially if a small child or an elderly parent is infected with an influenza virus. In any case, self-medication can not be done!
  4. Cut down the temperature by wiping the body with a solution of vinegar in warm water. Also, a little vodka can be added to the solution (the ratio of vinegar to vodka and water is 1: 1: 2).
  5. In order not to catch the disease from the infected family members, wear a mask and change it to a new one several times a day.

Than to treat a swine flu (medicine)

The main drugs that will help in the treatmentPandemic influenza: these are, first of all, antiviral tablets and preparations "Tamiflu", "Ergoferon", "Ingavirin", as well as "Cycloferon" and "Kagocel". From the cough helps medicine "Sinekod."
How to treat children from the swine flu 2016? To lose heat, in addition to wiping with vinegar, you need to give the child an antipyretic medicine: "Nurofen" or "Paracetamol." Eliminate the common cold can "Tizinom" or "Nazivinom, and cough -" Erespalom. " The candles "Viferon", "Kipferon" will also help.
Important: swine flu 2016 in children and adults is not treated with antibiotics! They may be prescribed by a doctor if a bacterial pneumonia develops because of the illness.

Prevention of swine flu 2016: drugs

Prevention of the protection of the sickle is the same as with the usual flu:
  • Ventilate rooms and periodically do the cleaning in the room (apartment, office, etc.)
  • Every day, treat the nose with oxolin ointment.
  • If you often use any public transport, do not touch your face (nose, eyes, lips) while traveling.
  • Wash your hands often, but to avoid dry skin, use a special cream.
  • Use onions, garlic, ginger and citrus.
Following the tips outlined in this article, you will not be afraid of swine flu 2016. Be healthy!
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