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How to stop worrying: three rules for dealing with stress

Increasingly, our life is like running around in a circle: Shortage of time - time trouble - a breakdown - a sense of guilt - stress. This simple chain always leads to the same result: a deaf discontent with oneself and with one's own life. To this volcano does not explode, pouring under the avalanche of the remnants of self-esteem, it is worth stopping and exhaling. And then remember three techniques that will help ease the grip of eternal tension.

The easiest way is the most effective. Physical activity has a miraculous power: it causes the brain to lower the intensity of the thought process and simultaneously - it charges the body with energy. If the situation does not allow you to go to the gym or go for a walk in a nearby park, it's enough to stretch, walk or make a series of energetic slopes.

Deep and measured breathing - "first aid"For extreme conditions: panic, fear or fury. It is important to find a foothold, lean against it and begin to slowly inhale and exhale the air, literally "accompanying" it with an inner gaze. A couple of minutes of such meditation - and you are again in the ranks.

Ability to abstract is a valuable skill forPreservation of mental balance. The stress syndrome is always hidden in our painful points and vulnerable places. It is only necessary to separate the cause from the investigation and the result will not be long in coming.

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