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Baby in the house: how to solve family conflicts

The appearance of a child is a test for the spouses,Who became new parents. They have to face new problems, get used to unfamiliar roles and realize the increased responsibility. Quarrels and misunderstanding are frequent companions along the way. What dangers lurk in the conflicts of the "first months" and how to cope with them?

Incorrect load distribution - frequentThe mistake of young mothers. Worrying about the baby, they take on all the care for caring for him, removing her husband from any actions. This can cause a man to resent, misunderstand, and subsequently coldness towards the child. Do not blame the spouse for shortcomings and mistakes - he sincerely tries to help. It is important only to gently direct it in the right direction.

Fatigue often provokes inexperienced parentsTo clarify the relationship: irritability, accusations of callousness and indifference only aggravate the general nervousness. An excellent way out can be a schedule of communication with the baby and the distribution of responsibilities - it will allow you to rationally spend your time and energy.

Different views on care and upbringing alsoAre a stumbling block. Serious questions about feeding, joint sleep, health improvement methods should be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere, trying to find compromise solutions.

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