/ / Counting the bills: TOP-3 cases that you need to catch up to the New Year

Counting the bills: TOP-3 cases that you need to catch up to the New Year

No, this list does not include cleaning, cake anddress. Although, of course, they should also be taken care of. Speech about dreams and future goals - you should not start implementing them without completing old undertakings. The domination of the fiery element, which begins in January, makes its own corrections - the fire is generous, bright and hot, but at the same time self-willed, capricious and uncompromising. How to make friends with him?

Talk to yourself. In the pre-holiday fuss, it is extremely important to find a few hours for privacy - for calm bliss, summing up and thinking about new plans. Brew a cup of fragrant coffee or fragrant tea, settle in your favorite chair and look into your own world. Very soon the emotional Rooster wraps you up in a kaleidoscope of events, hurrying with the decision-making - the December ritual of self-knowledge will not help to break wood.

Be honest with the other half. If your attitude is serious - voice it. However, if it is not serious - the more sound you have. The rooster does not accept half-tones and understatement in love relationships: if you could not make a decision last year - in the new one, he will not give you a choice. As well as the ability to slip away from responsibility.

Express gratitude to friends and family. The rooster appreciates sincerity and noble impulses - those who are faithful and reliable, he will certainly reward with luck and "fiery" luck.

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