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Secret enemy: TOP-3 conventionally useful products

Advertising a healthy lifestyle does its job: Vegetables, fruits, cheeses and yoghurt have become an obligatory component of the daily diet of those who watch the weight and tone of the body. Nevertheless, nutritionists warn: excessive use of certain products is fraught with the opposite effect.

Nuts are really an irreplaceable snack inDuring the day: they are just a storehouse of essential microelements and antioxidants. But, among other things, they are very caloric and can provoke an aggravation of allergies. That's why it is not worth it to eat handfuls - enough and a dozen crispy nucleoli a day.

Fruit freshness has gained popularityGreat energy value and the ability to remove toxins from the blood. But the same properties and have fresh fruit. In addition, they have fewer calories, but more nutritional because of dietary fiber in the composition. Those who do not think a day without a glass of freshly squeezed juice should be diluted with water or vegetable smoothies.

Curd desserts and glazed curds -Insidious products. Sour milk in the recipe should be beneficial - but the increased content of vegetable fats and preservatives reduces the value of the dish to zero. As an alternative, it is better to use classic grain cottage cheese with additives from dried fruits or berries.

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