/ How to stop menstruation at home. How to stop the monthly if they have already begun

How to stop the menstruation at home. How to stop the monthly if they have already begun

Pain with menstruation and medication

Monthly bleeding is part of the menstrual period.The cycle lasting from the moment of appearance of the first secretions to the first day of subsequent menstruation. During the cycle, hormonal action causes an increase in the volume of the uterine mucosa necessary for implantation and fetal development. If conception does not occur, hormones stop stimulation of the uterine mucosa, it is rejected and evacuated outside. Stopping the natural process of menstruation is a dangerous procedure that can provoke inflammation, since dead tissue and blood are a favorable nutrient medium for infectious agents. But there are no rules without exceptions: gynecologists allow an artificial stop of menstruation in emergency cases or with pathological bleeding, threatening a woman with anemia and nervous stress. How to stop menstruation without harm to health?

Influence of menstruation on the female body

At the beginning of the month, a replaceableEndometrium, on the second day - the formation of a new cellular material starts, the end of the cycle is marked by the completion of the process of regeneration of the endometrium. Cyclic changes in the genital area have a direct effect on the nervous and vascular systems of women, which is manifested by obsessive migraines, irritability, increased fatigue, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, chest tightness, unstable blood pressure. Normally, the duration of the menstrual period is 3-7 days, blood loss is 50-150 milliliters. Consistency of secretions, their norm and color are purely individual and depend on the state of health, age, general well-being, but if 200-250 milliliters of blood are lost, it is definitely an abnormal process.

Anatomical structure of the uterus for menstruation

Menstrual disorders:

  • (Frequent menstruation). It is observed when there is a violation of blood coagulability, pathologies of the development of the uterus, thyroid gland diseases, severe infectious lesions;
  • Oposomenorea (rare monthly). The reason lies in the strong stress, blood diseases, poisoning, brain tumors or in autoimmune abnormalities;
  • Oligomenorrhoea (short monthly). It happens after a sharp loss of weight, injuries, hormone withdrawal;
  • Polymenorrhea (long-term period). It occurs due to inflammation of the appendages / ovaries, obesity, incorrect installation of the spiral, ovarian dysfunction;
  • Hypermenorrhea (profuse monthly). Can provoke cancer, endocrine disorders, liver / kidney pathology, endometriosis;
  • Hypomenorrhea (scanty menstruation). Indirect symptom of venereal infections, trauma of the endometrium, problems with the pituitary gland, intoxication.

How to stop monthly with pills

If menstruation is normal, the levelBloody discharge is within the standard indicators, use pills that stop menstruation, do not need. The severe condition of a woman during the cycle is caused by a malfunction of the hormonal background, abnormalities in the functioning of the ovaries, or tumorous neoplasms in the uterus, which is characterized by plentiful monthly - this threatens serious blood loss. Here, the use of haemostatic drugs is justified.

Contraceptive pills from monthly

Review of the best drugs that stop monthly

  1. Dicinon. A good homeopathic remedy that helps to stop the menstruation quickly if necessary. The standard dosage is 4 tablets in 24 hours. Dicycin activates the formation of platelets, increases their activity, reducing bleeding. Has a beneficial effect on the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation. It is a drug of choice for copious periods with blood clots that last 10 or more days. Has a number of contraindications, so before starting reception it is better to consult a gynecologist and develop an individual scheme.
  2. Vikasol. Effective drug for the early stop of menstrual bleeding. Side effect: headache, pressure decrease, dizziness.
  3. Traneksam. The most powerful hemostatic drug. It is used to stop long-term menstrual bleeding.
  4. Hormonal contraceptives (Janine, Jarina, Jess). Optimum yield for women using hormonal contraceptives on an ongoing basis. To stop the month's it is enough not to make a scheduled break in the reception.
  5. Dyufaston. The drug is based on progesterone hormone, which does not have a corticosteroid or steroid effect. Has a positive effect on the lipid profile of the blood, does not change the coagulability. Can quickly and safely stop the menstrual bleeding.

Self-administration of pills stoppingAbundant monthly, carries a certain health risks, so it is better to consult a doctor and choose the optimal drug individually.

How to stop the menstruation for a long time

Another reliable way to keep under controlA menstrual cycle without negative consequences for the organism - to establish an intrauterine spiral Mirena. The action of hormones neutralizes the formation of the epithelium, the monthly ones become lean and short, in 50% of cases disappear. The spiral can be in the uterus for 4-5 years, after its removal the reproductive function is completely restored. A good choice for women who want to permanently stop the monthly bleeding due to their intensity, soreness, pathological duration.

How to make it easier to finish the month, read here.

How to stop menstruation at home

Is it possible to stop menstruation without resorting toHelp with pharmacology? It is possible, and not only to stop profuse bleeding, but also to soften manifestations of menstruation - to reduce blood loss, to eliminate pain in the lower abdomen.

Folk remedies

  1. Medicinal herbs:

    • nettle. To stop the monthly it is recommended to drink 120 milliliters of broth from the nettle 4-5 times a day. Preparation: pour boiling water (250 milliliters) a large spoonful of grass, 10 minutes to boil, 30 minutes to insist. In addition to the broth, you can use nettle in its natural form or nettle juice. For greater efficiency, the herbs are added to the broth, which have a soothing and anesthetic effect;

    • barberry. Reduces the walls of the uterus, helps increase blood coagulability, narrows blood vessels. Take barberry to stop menstruation should be carefully, observing the dosage and adhering to a specific scheme. Otherwise, it can provoke complications.
  2. Lemon. Ideal for stopping menstruation for one or two days. Lemon is suitable for women who do not have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and tooth enamel. The presence of a history of cholecystitis and gastritis is a contraindication to the use of this remedy. To menstrual bleeding stopped for a day or two and came later, you need to eat a whole lemon with honey or sugar.

  3. Parsley and honey. Are able to "force" the monthly to come before the deadline for 2-4 days. Use honey for 7-10 days before the expected period of the month. A similar effect has a decoction of parsley: pour boiling water 40-50 grams of fresh parsley, insist 3-4 hours, eat three times a day, before eating 120-150 milliliters for 7-10 days before the onset of menstrual bleeding.
  4. Herbal teas. The easiest way to influence the volume and nature of bloody discharge, to remove pain syndrome, negative psychological manifestations. Herbal preparations are brewed in a cup, insisted for several hours, drunk for 3-4 meals throughout the day:
    • peppermint, raspberry, shepherd's bag;
    • nettle, chickenpox, goatee gout, yarrow, valerian root;
    • a mountain pepper, berries of a guelder-rose, leaves of wild strawberry.

Gynecologists do not advise womento experiment with reproductive health - it is fraught with hormonal abnormalities, inflammation and even infertility. If there is an urgent need or an abundance of prolonged menstrual bleeding, only a specialist can advise how to stop the month in the most safe way for health.

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